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MediaPost, Chadwick Martin Bailey
August 8, 2013

MediaPost: Mobile Viewing Has Implications for Family Unity

The last decade has brought a pair of revolutions in consumer viewing behavior. The first was widespread adoption of the DVR, ushering in ad-avoidance that disrupted traditional business models. The second is just getting going: the boom in viewing on mobile devices.

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Hispanic Business, Chadwick Martin Bailey
July 25, 2013

Hispanic Business: Mobile-TV Viewers Focus More on Content on Smaller Screens

Mobile-TV viewers are more focused on TV content when viewed on their smartphones than on larger devices, according to a new study conducted by market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey for the Council for Research Excellence (CRE).

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emarketer, Chadwick Martin Bailey
July 25, 2013

eMarketer: Consolidation of Mobile Payments Landscape Will Drive Uptake

The mobile payments landscape remains fragmented and continues to rapidly evolve, with multiple stakeholders working to get a piece of a multibillion-dollar opportunity.

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Rapid TV News, Chadwick Martin Bailey
June 4, 2013

Rapid TV News: Convenience Drives in-Home Mobile Video Viewing

The majority of mobile TV viewing occasions – 82% of tablet and 64% of smartphone sessions – occur in the home, according to a new study from Chadwick Martin Bailey, which also found that the primary driver for consumers watching video on mobile devices is convenience, rather than to avoid advertising.

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Digital TV Europe, Chadwick Martin Bailey
June 4, 2013

Digital TV Europe: Most Mobile TV Viewing Happens at Home

New research has shown that most viewing of TV content on mobile devices happens in the home. A Council for Research Excellence study into mobile viewing found that 82% of tablet and 64% of smartphone TV viewing happened at home.

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Boston Business Journal, Chadwick Martin Bailey
May 21, 2013

Boston Business Journal: Report Finds Med Device Companies Increasingly Focused on Payers

A report commissioned by the state’s association for medical device companies finds that the industry is increasingly responding to cost concerns from the companies that foot the healthcare bills.

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The Financial Brand, Chadwick Martin Bailey
April 25, 2013

The Financial Brand—The Mobile Moment: What It Takes to Win the Digital Wallet Race

Mobile wallets will revolutionize payments. But what do consumers know, what are they afraid of, and who are they counting on to provide the features they expect? Chadwick Martin Bailey asked nearly 1,500 smartphone owners to share what’s keeping them from adopting mobile wallet, and what’s going to push them to start using one.

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Marketing Charts, Chadwick Martin Bailey
April 17, 2013

Marketing Charts—Mobile Search: Restaurants Rule the Roost

A survey of 1,497 smartphone owners, conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) and SinglePlatform at Constant Contact, reveals that respondents are more likely to search for restaurants than any other industry.

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IntelligentHQ, Chadwick Martin Bailey
April 12, 2013

IntelligentHQ: Can App and Dongle Systems Alleviate Mobile Wallet Fears

Visualize this, if you will: No more fumbling for credit cards or digging through your pockets for spare change. The technology already exists to let you buy that through your phone, simply by saying your name out loud at the register.

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Hubspot, Chadwick Martin Bailey
February 4, 2013

Hubspot Blog: The Anatomy of an Awful Marketing Email

How often do you think about junk mail? Probably not too often, because there's a folder in your email that thinks about it for you, right?

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