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PRWEB, Chadwick Martin Bailey
October 7, 2009

New Study: Only 1/4 of Companies Are Managing Marketing Effectively

PRWEB reports that only one-fourth of companies believe they are managing their marketing efforts effectively, according to the results of a landmark survey of more than 400 companies by strategic marketing consultancy CMG Partners and market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

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Chadwick Martin Bailey
February 28, 2008

He Said, She Said: Big Gender Gap Found in Motivations for Travel and Leisure Product Recommendations

Men and women discuss products, advocate them, and act on recommendations for very different reasons. Understanding and leveraging these motivators can mean the difference between a word of mouth campaign’s success or failure. That’s according to a recent study by Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB), a leading provider of decision-based market research and consulting services for vertical industries.

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