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Point of Sale, Chadwick Martin Bailey
January 6, 2016

Point of Sale News: Are Selfies and Retina Scans the Future of Payments Security?

In today’s increasingly digital, Venmo supported, Paypal pushing, contactless world, it’s pretty evident that cash transactions are becoming a thing of the past as new payments innovations are entering the market.

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emarketer, Chadwick Martin Bailey
November 20, 2015

eMarketer—Fewer Digital Wallet Users Are Making Payments: Digital Wallet Adoption Is Growing Overall

Digital wallet adoption is increasing in the US, but some common tasks such as making a payment or receiving money are actually becoming less common among users of such services, per September 2015 data.

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Mobile Payments Today, Chadwick Martin Bailey
October 29, 2015

Mobile Payments Today: Are Millennials from Mars?

The business world is mesmerized by millennials. And it seems that every organization under the sun is trying to figure them out — even the United States Potato Board, whose website hosts an article that boldly asks, "Understanding millennials — how do potatoes fit into their lives?"

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GPShopper, Chadwick Martin Bailey
August 12, 2015

GPShopper: Businesses That Offer Mobile Payments Can Steal Customers From Competitors, a Study Finds

15% of U.S. consumers have used a mobile wallet—including Apple Passbook/Apple Pay, Google Wallet/Google Pay, PayPal and Starbucks—during the first half of 2015, which is up from 9% during the first half of 2013, according to a study of 1,716 consumers by research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

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emarketer, Chadwick Martin Bailey
July 21, 2015

eMarketer: How Fancy Do Consumers Want Their Wearables?

Wearable device awareness is high, but ownership—and purchase intent—remain low. Indeed, May 2015 polling by Altimeter Group found that just 7% of US internet users owned a wearable, and a March 2015 study by DigitasLBi put wearables penetration among internet users worldwide at 17%.

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Harpeth Marketing, Chadwick Martin Bailey
July 14, 2015

Harpeth Marketing: Marketing & Sales Advice from Leaders in our Industry, Part 4

This is the fourth of five posts in which we are interviewing noted business owners and leaders from across the Market Research industry to explore how top firms look at and utilize marketing & sales for their businesses.

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Mobile World Live, Chadwick Martin Bailey
June 22, 2015

Mobile World Live: Mobile Wallet Usage Nearly Doubled Since—Survey

A survey by US market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Baily (CMB) found that 15 per cent of respondents used a mobile wallet in the past six months, and an additional 22 per cent anticipate doing so in the coming half year.

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June 19, 2015 Mobile Wallet Use Surges

A new study published by market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) throws another set of data points into the market about mobile wallet usage, growth and adoption.

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NFC World, Chadwick Martin Bailey
June 17, 2015

NFC World: Almost One in Six US Consumers Are Using Mobile Wallets

Almost one in six US consumers (15%) have used a mobile wallet in the past six months, up from 9% in the same period in 2013, and an additional 22% are likely to adopt mobile wallet functionality in the coming six months, a study released by market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey has found.

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Biz Report, Chadwick Martin Bailey
November 26, 2014

BizReport: Study Highlights Consumer Behavior in Tablet Purchase Journey

While those shopping for a new tablet rely heavily on mobile devices to research and evaluate a purchase, very few go on to make a purchase on a mobile device, according to a new study from market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

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