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The Human Factors: Decoding Consumer Decision-making Amid Disruption

CMB's Dr. Erica Carranza on the four core human motivations that drive human behavior.

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The Case For Optimism | Navigating The Next Normal

Marketing and Media Strategist Armin Molavi and CMB's Judy Melanson discuss the case for optimism as we brace for our post-COVID-19 realities.

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Navigating the Next Normal

Global Insights and Innovation leader Mack Turner and CMB's Lori Vellucci discuss the fundamental shifts in Consumer Behavior that will last well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

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Emotion and the Future of Self-Driving Cars

In this brief webinar you'll learn about the emotional landscape surrounding the emerging autonomous vehicle industry.

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It’s Complicated: New Research on Emotion and Autonomous Vehicles

New research exploring how consumer emotion will drive or deter acceptance of autonomous vehicles.

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Netflix UX Segmentation Case Study

Lean how CMB partnered with Netflix to build a comprehensive multi-phased global segmentation initiative designed specifically for—and with—its UX designers

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Winning the Virtual Assistant War

Learn why emotion and identity are the keys to winning the virtual assistant war.

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Delta Dental NPS Case Study

CMB partnered with Delta Dental to establish an industry-specific NPS benchmark for top dental insurance providers, along with baseline comparisons for the dental insurance industry.

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Ellevest Case Study

Learn how Ellevest partnered with CMB to gain a better understanding of modern women's attitudes on money, investing, and the financial services industry.

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Perceptions of Boston: Boston Globe Spotlight Research

CMB partnered with The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team to provide research services to support their investigation into racism in Boston.

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