Eileen Sullivan

Director, Qualitative Insights & Strategy

An experienced qualitative researcher, Eileen has delivered key insights for top brands across a range of methodologies. Her experience spans verticals, including CPG (Huggies, LEGO), entertainment (Hulu, Sony), financial services (CapitalOne, Chase), hospitality (Marriott), major home appliances (Bosch, Whirlpool), retail (Gap, The Home Depot), and tech (Facebook, Fitbit).
Eileen fosters an open environment in which a study’s objectives can be deeply explored. Her ability to really connect with participants – whether consumer or B2B audiences – enables her to uncover meaning and its implications for her clients. She believes insights live amidst the big ahas and key moments of truth as much as they do the micro moments – consumers’ body language, pauses, and silence, what goes unnoticed and unsaid.

Eileen is well-versed in an array of in-person and digital methodologies including focus groups, ethnographies, in-depth interviews, online discussion boards, and shop-alongs. She believes the right methodology is a natural extension of custom design. When qualitative research is commissioned to address a client’s unique business questions, the execution of that research will be every bit as unique as the questions it asks, whether tactical (e.g., message testing, package testing) or strategic (e.g., audience exploration, brand positioning, product development).

A RIVA-trained moderator, Eileen received her B.A. in English from Bates College and her M.A. in Medical Anthropology from the Boston University School of Medicine. Building on a background in childhood education and retail buying, her approach to qualitative research is shaped by both experience and academic training.

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