Kathy Ofsthun

VP, Qualitative Strategy & Innovation

Armed with 15 years of qualitative experience, first as a successful entrepreneur, then at C Space for 5yrs, including one year in Shanghai as Managing Director of APAC, Kathy re-joined CMB to lead the Qualitative and Innovation practice in 2016. Since then we have greatly expanded our capabilities and team of experienced moderators.

Kathy leads a large array of Financial, Tech, Healthcare, Telecom, Insurance, Hospitality, Entertainment accounts, and more. By synthesizing findings from agile, digital and traditional tools, Kathy’s teams have uncovered breakthrough insights that fuel product innovation, CX and UX optimization, customer decision journey work, persona development, messaging development and more. Her work has been game changing for Fortune 100 and 200 clients including Hilton, Nike, Comcast, Pepsico, and others.

Kathy is a RIVA trained moderator also trained in CPS (creative problem solving), design thinking, innovation and improvisation, and has performed hundreds of interviews, groups, shop-alongs, ethnographies and ideation workshops. She volunteers for the homeless of Boston and is active in her local community.

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