Royal Caribbean

Leveraging technology to create a world class guest experience: See how CMB is helping Royal Caribbean measure guest experience and improve customer satisfaction and retention.



Royal Caribbean needs to identify strengths and weaknesses, develop effective metrics for success, and generate useful information to improve the guest experience across all touch points of the cruise experience aboard its 22 ships operating in 280 destinations globally.

CMB has helped us to rejuvenate what was a stale tracking study into a dynamic, insight-generating program that directly connects us to our guests in real time. I rely on this study and the support of the passionate team at CMB to make concrete recommendations on how to improve our guests’ experience.

Kara Wallace, Director, Consumer Insights and Marketing Strategy, Royal Caribbean


Royal Caribbean, the second largest cruise company in the world, measures the engagement and satisfaction of its guests throughout the cruise experience, and across a range of issues, developing and evaluating concrete processes for improving customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

The Travel and Entertainment practice at Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) developed a custom operationalized approach to guest engagement tracking:

  • CMB conducts an ongoing engagement study, targeting guests after their cruise via online questionnaire; addressing 12 key touch points of the cruise experience including everything from embarkation through debarkation.
  • CMB also conducts two quarterly “deep dive” explorations that focus on topics not addressed in the core report. Some recent examples include evaluations of program effectiveness, and in-depth looks at select guests.
  • Additionally, CMB-created an online reporting tool, allowing Royal Caribbean Marketing, Operations, and Customer Service Recovery Departments to track guest feedback in real time and respond quickly to guest issues.


  • The findings are used to track SGI (a key performance indicator) that has visibility at the top of the organization; and allows Royal Caribbean to:
    • Keep its fingers on the pulse of a 22 ship fleet sailing across the globe, and identify top performing ships and those in need of improvement.
    • React to and troubleshoot any problems brewing, and by extension, learn from those problems to prevent them in the future.
    • Test programs before introducing them fleet wide.
    • Facilitate decision-making initiatives in the long-term while allowing staff to improve review and respond to guest issues.