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Brand Health & Positioning

Consumer-powered brand health and positioning measurement to build deep connections at every stage of the journey

Consumers are more empowered than ever before. If you’re still focused solely on what your consumers think of you—you’re missing a critical piece of the brand engagement puzzle. What was once a one-way conversation is now a dialogue. Understanding the complex dynamics of customer-brand relationships is essential to maximizing marketing effectiveness and developing strategies that will set you above the rest.

CMB’s revolutionary BrandFx solution focuses on what consumers want from a brand—the benefits driving purchase, loyalty and advocacy—and provides specific guidance and critically, concrete recommendations on what to (and what not to) communicate:

  • Identity Benefits: What should you communicate about who your customers are?
  • Emotional Benefits: How do you want people to feel about your brand?
  • Functional Benefits: What should you say people will get from your products/services?

Our custom programs will help you strengthen customer attachment to your brand, optimize positioning, improve communications, target the right segments with relevant branding, and empower you to make smarter and more confident decisions. We specialize in the following:

Brand Health, Optimization, & Positioning

Identify where your brand sits relative to core competitors, filter out which functional, emotional, and identity brand benefits and connections actually impact customer behaviors, and develop strategies to strengthen rational and emotional attachment to your brand

Brand Performance Tracking

Refine the most compelling positioning, optimize brand and market communication, and then track influence on behavior over time.

Marketing Effectiveness

Understand which components of your marketing strategy are most effective in driving revenue and brand attachment, how each channel is performing individually, and where there are opportunities for improvement both in terms of messaging and strategy.

Rejuvenating Tired Trackers

Refresh existing brand performance trackers, and ensure seamless transitions from the old to the new program.

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