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Brand Health & Positioning

BrandFx: Next generation consumer-powered brand health and positioning measurement to engage and connect at every stage of the journey.

CMB’s revolutionary BrandFx℠ approach focuses on what consumers want from a brand—the emotional, identity, social, and functional benefits that drive purchase, loyalty, and advocacy. Going well beyond traditional measures, it provides specific guidance and concrete recommendations on what to (and what not to) communicate. Developed by CMB’s team of social psychologists and methodologists, BrandFx℠ leverages prevailing psychological research as well as advanced and predictive analytics to provide the art and science of effective marketing.

BrandFx℠ measures how brands and touch-points make people feel in a way that’s:

  • Practical—survey-based, fast, cost-effective, able to use with/complement other measures
  • Comprehensive—measures a broader range of emotions than other techniques
  • Robust—scalable to large samples, leveraging insights from the scientific study of emotion
  • Systematic—enables brand comparisons, develop norms, or track over time

BrandFx℠ helps your brand deliver:

  • Emotional Benefits by helping people maximize good feelings and minimize bad ones
  • Identity Benefits by helping people enhance their self-image, pride and self-esteem
  • Social Benefits by helping people connect and strengthen their social relationships
  • Functional Benefits by helping people efficiently and effectively achieve their goals

Anchored in our BrandFx℠ framework, our proprietary brand measurement and positioning solutions help strengthen customer attachment to your brand, optimize positioning, improve communications, target the right segments with relevant branding, and empower you to make smarter and more confident decisions.

Recent initiatives include, partnering with:

  • A Fortune 100, multinational financial services corporation to identify the key psychological benefits, that enhance Cardmember engagement and drive consideration among prospects.
  • A leading bank to uncover unique needs and motivations for affluent and emerging affluent customers and prospects. These insights informed further development of the brand’s premium banking programs.
  • A disruptive employee-oriented tech firm to develop a rigorous and stable system that tracks Brand Performance and KPIs across their diverse audiences and within complex eco-systems.
  • A Fortune 100 telecom to improve marketing effectiveness and brand refinement helping to increase usage of their growing WIFI service.

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