What We Do

Customer Journey & Loyalty

Your brand’s success lies in your ability to consistently deliver extraordinary and differentiating customer experiences

Our Customer Journey, Path to Purchase, and Loyalty solutions help you do just that. Whether your focus is at the brand or the operations level, we help you uncover, prioritize, and act on the customer insights that matter.

Customer Experience Management & Measurement

From customer experience tracking and measurement to NPS, we prioritize opportunities for improvement, measure whether your brand is being supported or undermined by the customer experience, and identify the operational touchpoints that have the largest impact on revenue generating behaviors.

Loyalty Program Development, Optimization, & Evaluation

Today, most customers belong to 18+ loyalty programs. We can help you break through the clutter, identify which customers are the most loyal, and determine whether you’re offering the right rewards to the right members.

Path to Purchase & Customer Journey Mapping

Even the highest quality product will only be successful if people understand how to purchase it, see the benefits, and choose it over alternatives. As markets expand, the number and nature of consumers’ choices also change. Customers’ paths also differ by market and/or for specific target segments—there is rarely a one-size-fits solution. Our approach to mapping the Path to Purchase and Customer Journey allows our clients to:

  • Quantify and clarify marketing impact—identify which channels do what in the journey as well as how brands can influence less direct channels
  • Invest in the right call-to-action tactics—understand the value of these actions and identify the most effective emerging distribution channels (mobile, apps, etc.)
  • Make effective media buying decisions—build media plans based on media touchpoint influence rather than just usage
  • Create purpose-focused experiences and products—drive purchase and brand connection and sharing
  • Quantify the duration of the typical customer decision journey—set marketing opportunity guidelines for existing products

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