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Social Currency

Digital transformation and customer-centricity are about consumers, not brands.

To be successful, brands must facilitate the socially-driven experiences and behaviors that help consumers explore, develop and express their own identities. But in an increasingly fragmented marketplace, how can marketers create content, and share the messages that support consumer identity—spurring engagement, purchase, and advocacy?

Enter Social Currency, a powerful tool that measures brands’ ability to fit into how consumers manage their social lives in today’s digital and mobile age. In 2010, the consulting firm, VIVALDI, established the role of Social Currency in building strong brands; in 2016, VIVALDI partnered with CMB, to more deeply understand the social lives of customers and what does and does not create Social Currency.

In a 90-brand study of over 18,000 U.S. consumers, the CMB and VIVALDI team identified the 7 dimensions of Social Currency that drive preference, choice, and help build strong brands:

7 dimensions of Social Currency
For a sneak peek at how brands from the Auto, Airline, Beer, Fashion, and Restaurant industries compare, check out our interactive dashboard.

Contact us to learn more about how Social Currency can help you execute customer-centricity, including:

  • Enable customers social and digital lives and extend value creation beyond the usual marketing playbook
  • Adopt a customer-first lens to manage the organization and create a culture that is focused on building value for customers
  • Develop branding and marketing programs that help customers in their journey