Health & Wellness at CMB

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While June ushers in the summer season, it also marks Employee Wellness month. Employee Wellness is key to CMB. With the addition of a competitive benefits package, employee assistance program, and a discretionary health and wellness fund available to all our employees, CMB fosters a culture of wellness through a variety of programs and events offered through the Health & Wellness Committee.

The Health & Wellness Committee was created in 2022 thanks to a core group of CMBers invested in our colleagues’ wellness. Our members meet bi-monthly to discuss a variety of health and wellness topics, and plan company-wide events that speak to employee interests and everyday struggles that all individuals face in balancing work, personal life and of course, wellbeing.

The aim of the committee is to not only bring awareness to diverse health and wellness topics, but to also foster a sense of community through our shared values of support and connection (social interactions are, in fact, key to our mental health). The Committee has led a variety of initiatives including weekly wellness tips, the creation of our employee healthy recipe book, free employee massages, cultural potlucks, team walks, mindful movement sessions, and also an employee-driven seen and unseen disabilities mural. These activities and tips have significantly strengthened CMB’s commitment to their employee’s wellness and created a more inclusive CMB environment where employees can share diverse health and wellness activities and opportunities.

In our recent DEI survey  that assesses CMB’s diversity, equity, and inclusion—91% of CMBers feel like they belong at CMB. While the Health & Wellness Committee can’t take all the credit for that, we’re proud to know that our efforts are positively contributing to CMB’s culture.

By intentionally creating a space for employees to share their wellness goals, we hope to encourage all our employees to bring their full selves to work, while valuing and respecting their wellness goals. Wellness is an integral part of the CMB community, and as an organization, it is our duty to foster employee wellness so that our employees can be fully present and grow to their fullest potential—whatever that means to them.  Learn more about CMB’s culture  and why you should work at CMB.