Unlock game-changing insights for an immersive, interactive, and ever-changing world.

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Insights for an immersive, interactive, and ever-changing world.

With over 30 years’ experience, CMB understands the art and science of the gaming industry, and the unique needs of its publishers and studios. Our experts have partnered with numerous gaming clients, providing tailored solutions and actionable insights, whether it be understanding the health of your brand, the right customers to target, pricing, or new concepts to introduce.


Ready Player One?

We’re invested in your success. Here’s how CMB has gotten major experience points with our clients.

Our Impact

  • EA: Path to Purchase research to understand the duration of the typical customer decision journey, set guidelines for marketing opportunities throughout the product launch, and triangulate likely ROI for specific media sources.
  • EA Sports: Product specific segmentations within traditional and new ‘gamer’ markets to identify the best targets, the right messages, and the optimal communications vehicles for EA fitness, NBA Live, Pogo, and Madden 10.
  • Meta: Explored monetization methods, benefits, and barriers to how gamers pay for content.
  • Nintendo: Segmentation research that defined the path to purchase each segment took to a decision/purchase and identified opportunities for influence. Results addressed both hardware and software while accommodating core differences.
  • Zynga: Lapsed player barrier research using qualitative and quantitative methods; Monetization to quantify barriers and test incentives to paying; Benchmark NPS to support in-game NPS by giving a market view for Facebook and mobile platforms; Broad Market Landscape study that served as a simple segmentation and prioritized 60+ future IP concepts for FB and Mobile.

We appreciate the way CMB challenges our assumptions to ensure we ask the right questions and don't miss critical insights.

Theresa Manteiga

Market Insights, Meta

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Knowing your business is our business.

At the forefront of market research techniques and technologies, CMB can help you engage, innovate, and grow with confidence. We’re up to date on the latest trends and opportunities to provide that value and edge you need. Look at some of the specific areas we’ve taken extra care to know.

How we can assist:

Engage and Retain Players

With CMB’s combination of innovative Qualitative and Quantitative techniques, you can better dive into gamer purchasing habits, gaming motivations, and trends. With our holistic approach to insights, rooted in consumer psychology, you’ll be able to confidently answer critical questions for your business, such as:

  • What types of players are most likely to make in-game purchases?
  • What features do the most engaged players use?
  • What gameplay elements are related to player retention?

Product/Offering Optimization & Positioning

Uncover valuable insights to position your products successfully—from launch to updates and expansions—without harming user experience.

  • CMB’s Advanced Analytic experts find the sweet spot for optimizing revenue. The team can guide subscription-based models and Free-to-play games leading to informed decisions that lead to improved monetization strategies and consumer experience.
  • The Brand Health team helps your marketers and developers tailor the best experiences and ensure your messaging is appealing, increases positive brand perceptions, and resonates with your customers.

Market Segmentation

Bring your players to life with the color and depth they deserve beyond the binary “hardcore” and “casual” profiles. It’s essential to understand them in order to generate demand, grow niche markets, improve brand loyalty and engagement, optimize resource and cost efficiency, socialize the data better, and more. By leveraging prevailing psychological research, as well as custom advanced and predictive analytics, CMB will provide you with the unique edge of understanding their audiences, confidently targeting specific segments, and standing out amongst competitors.

Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence, and Augmented & Virtual Reality

As a custom market research and consulting firm, CMB is technology agnostic, but tech-savvy. We are apprised of the latest tools, such as AR/VR and AI, and will use whatever technology best suits your research. By combining technology with human intelligence, CMB delivers human-centric data that overcomes biases, enables more actionable recommendations and outcomes, and ensures those actions resonate.

A Gamer's Journey: The Virtual Reality Edition

Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

Working with us means you’re matched with the best players for your unique business challenge, and interpersonal requirements. Here’s a sampling of our experts:

Ariel Back Insights Consultant & AI Product Specialist

Blair Bailey Senior Director, Data Management

Brant Cruz SVP, Platforms & Audiences

Emily Meier Qualitative Research Specialist

Jen Golden VP, Leisure & Experiences

Jen Perry AVP, Sales

Lisa Hoffman Insights Director

Marty Murk VP, Platforms & Technology