Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Tell richer, truer stories with the data and confidence to back them up.

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Your insights are only as good as your data. Trust us to tell the story.

Whether you need to understand what’s happening now, or you’re trying to predict the future, our team harnesses proven techniques, cutting-edge technology, and innovative approaches to answer your thorniest questions and translate disparate information into accessible and impactful recommendations. Think of us as the great interpreters, guiding your brand to make more informed, strategic decisions–from brand health and customer journey to growth and innovation.

Nationally Recognized Data Nerds

With decades of experience integrating diverse data sets and multiple sources using the latest techniques and technologies, we help you to feel confident with your data, identify the next growth drivers, find the right answers for your business, translate insights to the right people at the right time, and socialize that data throughout your organization. We’ve been recognized for over nine years as a Top 30 Insights & Analytics Leader.

Our Toolkit

We are measurement experts, applying the right design and analytical techniques to maximize impact. Whether we work with data we collect, third-party data, or a combination, we enlist a wide array of techniques, including:

  • Advanced quantitative analytics: Conjoint, MaxDiff, Discrete Choice and Adaptive CBC and other choice-based techniques, latent class modeling, Bayes Nets, Gradien Boosted Modeling, etc.
  • Simulators for new product development: Allow users to play “what if” so the research lives long after the project ends


We’re known for relentless business decision focus, creativity, deep consultation, and rock-solid execution. Look at some of our specific knowledge in this area.


We develop the best solutions by balancing statistical validity and real-world usability. The benefit of our process is that we take nothing for granted. We use as many analytical methods as necessary and will work with you to determine key profile variables, evaluate solutions, and select the best one together.

CMB uses a variety of techniques to produce multiple potential segmentation schemes and test a variety of potential basis variables. We commonly leverage the following:

  • K-means, hierarchical, and ensemble clustering
  • Factor Analysis to reduce the number of attributes for segmenting.
  • Latent Class Modeling to segment through robust models that include valuable diagnostic statistics.
  • Detailed Profile Sheets to flesh out rich quantitative segment personas.
  • Predictive Modeling (TreeNet) to understand key drivers: technology, habits, content, and more, and to develop classification algorithms (e.g., typing tools).
  • Habit loops to reveal consumers’ relevant psychological drivers: we’ll segment occasions based on social psychology and consumer behavior and loyalty. This approach delivers insights into ways to trigger use–or reduce barriers and make the routine easier.

Product & Line Optimization

We help our clients bring new products to market, tweak existing products, and design and re-design product lines. We also specialize in product and line optimization–maximizing reach and revenue. That optimization can involve pricing, product features, and information about product performance vs. the competitive set. We commonly employ Discrete Choice and Conjoint modeling as well as MaxDiff and TURF analysis.

Driver Modeling

Driver modeling helps us uncover the “why” behind the metrics. We use Driver modeling techniques like Gradient Boosted Modeling, Shapley Value Regression, Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, and CHAID/C&RT to provide insight into increasing NPS scores, identifying which customer issues are most important to solve, and which attributes are most important to consumers.

AI & Natural Language Processing

We combine neural networks and AI technology with human intelligence (HI) to analyze large amounts of data at scale, including open-ended responses. This integrated approach leverages AI to overcome biases and expectations inherent to human interpretation in order to identify new and unanticipated themes, while HI enables fine-tuning of themes based on knowledge of what will be most useful to stakeholders.


If you’re focused solely on what your consumers think of you, you’re missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Our revolutionary consumer-centric BrandFx℠ solution delivers a complete picture of your brand’s performance, based on the four key psychological benefits that drive consideration, trial, loyalty, and advocacy:

  • EMOTIONAL BENEFITS: How I want to feel (e.g., positive feelings, enhanced joy, reduced frustration)
  • IDENTITY BENEFITS: Who I want to be (e.g., strong self-esteem, pride, a positive self-image, relating to a tribe)
  • SOCIAL BENEFITS: Where I want to belong (e.g., sense of community, conversation, social connection)
  • FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS: What I want to do (e.g., ability to accomplish tasks or goals, saving time or money)

Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

We match you with the best people for your unique business challenge. Here’s a sampling of our data wizards.

Blair Bailey Senior Director, Data Management

Cameron Miller Data Management Director

Emily Sharp Data Management Director

Erik Morales Sr. Analytics Director

Jay L. Weiner, Ph.D Chief Methodologist & VP, Analytics & Data Management

Gail Piasecki Data Management Director

Laura Blazej Senior Director, Data Management

Liz White Sr. Director, Analytics & Data Management

CMB combines the very best of advanced analytics know-how and strategic consulting. From design to implementation, CMB is a true partner that really understands our business.

Kellie Cobaugh

Sr. Director B2C Selling, eBay

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