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Harness the power of shopper insights.

Well before they swipe their card, hit the “buy” button, or tap their smartphones, consumers have more information about the products they’ll buy than ever before. Combine this abundance of information with unlimited channel options and the paths to purchase expand exponentially. This puts enormous pressure on retailers to create experiences (both in-store and online) that resonate and engage consumers from awareness to purchase through to repurchase and advocacy. Customer journey work is fundamental to your success.


Developing a "Fit for Life" global brand tracker.

Helping Reebok find a comprehensive, dynamic approach to brand tracking.

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The Client

Since its shift in focus from “sport” to “fitness” in 2013, Reebok needed a comprehensive and dynamic approach to understand how the brand is performing, its position in the global marketplace, and whether current brand strategies reach their targets.

The Solution

We partnered with Reebok to revamp and expand its brand tracking into a highly actionable program yielding insights into brand health, brand values, and brand strategy, globally. Highlights include advanced analytics to understand the drivers of consideration, the development and implementation of an efficient reporting tool for key stakeholders, and dynamic deliverables that communicated the results in a visual, succinct, and compelling way.

The Outcome

Insights from this research kept Reebok focused—letting them prioritize the consumer, rather than just the numbers. Results are used to help Reebok streamline messaging and brand strategy around fitness, and identify, prioritize, and fix global issues—ensuring brand managers, researchers, and executives speak the same language.

Because we know reviews are important...

CMB combines the very best of advanced analytics know-how and strategic consulting. From design to implementation, CMB is a true partner that really understands our business. The team's work was critical to the success of one of our top priority projects—helping us define the target market and finalize the actual offer.

Kellie Cobaugh

Sr. Director B2C Selling, eBay

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We’re committed to staying up to date on the latest trends and opportunities to provide that value and edge you need. Browse through some of the specific areas we’re savvy in.

Omnichannel Retail

Our work in omnichannel helps clients develop marketing and operational strategies to create an integrated experience—ensuring customers get the same experience regardless of how or where they interact with the brand. And while the global pandemic has accelerated the pace of change that has been in motion for years, 5G, drones and AI-powered inventory management means even more changes are in store. We help clients navigate both the current and future conditions of this dynamic space.

Consumer Brands & Apparel

The explosive growth in customer choice in both product and channel has made it harder for consumer brands to identify and implement winning strategies for success. Through a combination of market science and consumer psychology, we help our clients gain competitive advantage through segmenting their marketplace, driving innovation, and implementing brand strategies, all while continually sharpening the customer experience.


Today’s market for subscription services has more opportunity—and challenges—than ever before. Insights are critical to navigate the expansion in both categories (from razors and diapers to personalized style and lingerie) and players (from dozens of new entrants to established titans like Walmart). And in the streaming space, those who cut the cord are finding they’re now spending more on subscriptions than they were on cable! CMB’s research can help clarify the unique and compelling value consumers are seeking in this space and provide a roadmap for growth.

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