Customer Journey & Loyalty

Customer Journey & Loyalty

A person’s journey isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are our solutions.

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Deliver extraordinary and differentiating experiences that drive growth

The number and nature of consumer choices are evolving rapidly. That’s why we partner with you to uncover, focus, and act on the insights that matter. Through our sound research, you can create purpose-focused experiences and products, quantify and clarify marketing impact, invest in the right messaging and calls-to-action, and identify and prioritize the journeys that matter.


We’re known for relentless business decision focus, creativity, deep consultation, and rock-solid execution. Read about some of our specific knowledge in this area.

Customer Experience Tracking and NPS

From customer experience tracking and measurement to developing and implementing some of the largest and most successful NPS programs in the world, we discover and prioritize opportunities for improvement, measure whether your brand is being supported or undermined by the customer experience, and identify the touch points that have the largest impact.

Path to Purchase & Customer Journey Mapping

Your product and/or service’s success depends on how easily people understand how to purchase it, see the benefits, and choose it over alternatives. As markets expand and fragment, consumers’ choices also evolve. Customers’ paths also differ by market and for specific target segments—there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach to mapping the path-to-purchase and customer journey allows our clients to:

  • Create purpose-focused experiences and products—driving purchase and brand connection 
  • Quantify and clarify marketing impact—identifying the right channels and influences at the right time
  • Invest in the right messaging and calls-to action—clarify your core value proposition and communicate it effectively
  • Identify and prioritize the journeys that matter—establishing guidelines and plans for advertising, media buying, and emerging technologies

Loyalty/Reward Program Development, Optimization, & Evaluation

COVID-19 has shifted consumer loyalty program priorities. Our approaches to loyalty program development help you break through the clutter, understand which behaviors are likely to continue, identify which customers are the most loyal, and determine whether you’re offering the right rewards to the right members.

Fast+Slow Thinking

Early in a consumer decision journey, people tend to apply fast thinking, and shift into slow thinking as they near a final choice. To optimize influence, marketing should be tailored to the mode of thinking that drives decisions at each stage. Our Fast+Slow approach helps brands uncover how key decisions are made on the journey to choosing your brand, how to capture attention and drive consideration when people are thinking fast, and how to remove barriers and facilitate the choice when people are thinking slow.


We’re invested in your success.

Here’s how we’ve helped others uncover, prioritize, and act on the insights that matter most in creating extraordinary experiences that resonate.


  • Provided Disney, and their advisers, with a 360° view of the American family’s TV and video behavior to develop compelling data-backed storylines.
  • Comprehensive multi-method research helped EA understand the typical customer decision journey and set guidelines for marketing opportunities throughout the product launch.
  • Assessed Charter Communications’ customer onboarding experience to build a foundational understanding of navigation pathways and feature usage.

Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

We match you with the best people for your unique business challenge. Here’s a sampling of our loyal data guides.

Brant Cruz SVP, Platforms & Audiences

Mark Doherty VP, Retail & eCommerce

Marty Murk VP, Platforms & Technology

CMB has been a great partner within our research studies. They consistently meet our needs, not only with managing the project from end to end but by providing helpful insights on how to get the most out of the study during planning as well as during data analysis. They utilize a broad range of market research techniques which sets them apart from many research companies and is necessary when collecting insights on a challenging industry.

Gabe Gurbal

Sr. Analyst, Customer Experience, Delta Dental

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