Consumer NPS Tracking Infused with AI Verbatim Coding and Advanced Analytics

Innovations in research deliver faster results while providing deep, nuanced insight into consumer sentiment.




  • NPS tracking
  • AI verbatim coding
  • Driver analysis
  • Contribution tool
  • Simulator

The Challenge

Designing a robust yet nimble NPS Tracker built for speed and agility

Tracking NPS is critical for understanding customers, determining competitive positioning, providing direction for meaningful change, and recognizing executive leadership. As an integral business component, a NPS tracker must remain reliable while adjusting to ongoing changing business needs and a changing environment. The client needed to understand and monitor the company’s position in the market – both competitively and by business line to identify strengths and opportunities that will improve brand loyalty and drive engagement. The client sought a true research partner to consult with, design, and flawlessly execute the program.

Research Goals & Objectives

  • Assess the company’s position in the market and monitor consumer sentiment
  • Build in flexibility to accommodate ad-hoc research questions, test hypotheses on the fly, and drill down into specific issues uncovered in the research
  • Determine areas of focus for the client as it relates to channels, client interactions, and marketing communications


  • The CMB AI verbatim coding tool, automated the coding process and shortened time to reporting
  • Leveraging sophisticated advanced analytics techniques to understand underlying drivers of engagement and influences of consumer sentiment. Using this information, we built and delivered a simulator for post-project analysis that explored the impact of adjusting elements that influence sentiment.

Everyone we work with at CMB is smart and friendly. CMB is an attentive and positive partner who deliver results quickly and efficiently. Their thorough and solid methodology and reporting provides the valuable insights we need to make decisions with absolute confidence.


The Results

A powerhouse NPS program, delivering vital insights with speed and agility

CMB designed, onboarded, and ran all aspects of the tracker for several years, including the management of a highly complex sample. The CMB team innovated the process to automate and enhance aspects of the NPS program to run more efficiently, saving time to address ad hoc questions and requests in real-time. In automating and streamlining the tracker, a proprietary AI Verbatim coding tool was created that categorized and organized consumer sentiment in their own words, providing rich insights while shortening time to reporting and delivering faster results.

The rigorous process, proactive project management, tailored advanced analytics, and technological innovations to the NPS program have provided our Fortune 500 client with critical, timely data that they have come to rely on to support their most strategic business decisions.

Our People

Meet the people who make a difference.

Amy Modini VP, Practice Leader

Daniel Alderstad Sr. Data Analyst

Erin Rea Senior Insights Consultant

Emily Powell Sr. Insights Consultant

Jay L. Weiner, Ph.D Chief Methodologist & VP, Analytics & Data Management

Laura Blazej Senior Director, Data Management

Reed Guerino Data Management Director & Team Manager

Talia Fein AVP, Insights & Strategy Operations