A Global Segmentation with (and for) UX Designers.



  • Attitudinal & Behavioral Survey
  • AR/VR
  • Global Research
  • Socialization
  • Storytelling

The Challenge

Engage, Innovate & Grow to Scale.

Our client is one of the world’s most disruptive and fast-moving companies. To uncover opportunities to innovate and ensure a great experience for its 125 million members in nearly 200 countries, the client’s UX Design Team sought a deep understanding of its diverse members.

Our Client's goals were to:

  • Uncover a global segmentation scheme with distinct and actionable segments by member type, platform, and market
  • Bring the segments to life with socialization

Research & Results

Bringing Insights to Life.

CMB partnered with our client on a multi-phased global segmentation initiative designed specifically  for—and with—its UX designers. We first paired their behavioral data with a comprehensive attitudinal and behavioral survey fielded in multiple countries. Then, CMB met with the client’s researchers and UX designers for highly collaborative in-depth analysis workshops to identify the best segmentation schemes. A robust qualitative exploration was then used to truly bring the segments to life. Ultimately, we uncovered a global segmentation scheme with distinct and actionable segments by member type, platform, and market.

Results from the global segmentation were socialized across the organization via compelling videos, virtual reality experiences, and in-depth illustrations. After a highly immersive socialization, the UX designers have a strategic understanding of how members consume and interact with the platform—a critical roadmap to creating compelling and personalized experiences that resonate.

Our partnership with CMB was integral in successfully executing a global segmentation project with so many complex, moving parts: behavioral and attitudinal data, qual and quant approaches. The team at CMB were equal thought partners throughout this journey, helping us balance our business goals with unique strategies that could really inspire meaningful innovation. As part of a transparent culture that moves fast, values impact over process, and is “highly aligned but loosely coupled,” we have found CMB to be great cultural partners in addition to the methodological skills they bring to the table, always iterating and adapting as our goals evolve. Thanks, CMB, for an awesome partnership.


Our People

Meet our top-notch team who made all the difference.

Mark Doherty VP, Retail & eCommerce

Lauren Sears Director, Insights & Strategy Operations

Liz White Sr. Director, Analytics & Data Management