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Insights for an immersive, interactive, and ever-changing world.

Our Media & Entertainment team partners with leading brands including Meta, Nickelodeon, Electronic Arts, as well as two of the world’s top streaming services to produce strategic decision-focused research that addresses their biggest challenges and identifies their greatest opportunities.


Bringing Insights to Life

A Global Segmentation with (and for) UX Designers.

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The Client

Our client is one of the world’s most disruptive and fast-moving companies. To uncover opportunities to innovate and ensure a great experience for its 125 million members in nearly 200 countries, the client’s UX Design Team sought a deep understanding of its diverse members.

The Solution

We conducted a multi-phased segmentation initiative that first paired behavioral data with a comprehensive attitudinal and behavioral survey fielded in multiple countries. We also conducted in-depth analysis workshops and a robust qualitative exploration to truly bring the segments to life.

The Outcome

Ultimately, we uncovered a global segmentation scheme with distinct and actionable segments by member type, platform, and market. Results were socialized across the content platform via compelling videos, virtual reality experiences, and in-depth illustrations.

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As a Top 50 Firm, we’re known for our incredibly strong relationships with clients and delivering exceptional value and impact. Here’s some of the ways we’ve helped others engage, innovate, and grow with confidence:

Our Impact

  • Comprehensive multi method research helped EA understand the typical customer decision journey, and set guidelines for marketing opportunities throughout the product launch.
  • Developed a rigorous and stable system for LinkedIn to track brand performance and KPIs across their diverse audiences. Results continue to provide a defensible POV on why any results may shift over time in complex ecosystems.


Knowing your business is our business.

And there’s no business like show business. We’re committed to staying up to date on the latest trends and opportunities to provide that value and edge you need.

Look at some of the specific areas we’re savvy in:

Audience Engagement

Key to any brand’s successful marketing strategy is identifying and reaching its target audience at the right time, and on the platforms and channels where their eyeballs are most engaged. The old-school differentiation between “Above versus Below the Line” is now obsolete, and marketers need expert knowledge of digital channels, how to navigate change in consumer needs, and audience influencers. We help networks and platforms sell to advertisers by understanding their engaged audiences, the intersection between these audiences and the products, and the services or content that are most likely to resonate with them.

Content Development

Digital platforms and their “streaming wars” are the hottest delivery vehicles for modern entertainment consumption, but content remains king (or queen, depending on one’s royal family), regardless of how audiences watch or listen. Nowadays, the “Showrunner” moniker has replaced “Executive Producer” to better identify the person most singularly in charge of both executive responsibility and creative content–those doing everything from writing and casting to budgeting, and numbering in the hundreds (at least). These talented professionals and their colleagues have experiences and gut instincts that drive tremendous success–but sometimes, even they or the networks they answer to want data-driven insight to help ensure success. We help networks and platforms answer foundational, psychologically-driven questions like “what is funny?” to help build frameworks for pilot testing.


After decades of hype and underdelivering against consumer expectations, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is coming of age. Major engineering advances and the tailwinds from nesting and forced isolation from the global pandemic have coupled to increase adoption of these technologies, moving them closer to mainstream. AR/VR technologies are bridging the chasm, helping us feel closer together when we are apart, and providing new, highly immersive ways for us to play, travel, and collaborate. The future for these technologies is exciting, and we love immersing ourselves to help our clients make highly strategic decisions related to future audience, use case, feature, and device portfolio prioritization.

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We appreciate the way CMB challenges our assumptions to ensure we ask the right questions and don't miss critical insights.

Theresa Manteiga

Market Insights, Meta

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