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Brand Health

Your consumers are people first! We deliver insights with the human difference so you can connect and engage at every level.

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Holistic human-centered insights to build and grow your brand.

Are you measuring the success of next-generation brand strategies with yesterday’s brand health program? Our human-centered approach leverages consumer psychology, proven advanced analytics, agile qualitative, and a deep understanding of brand measurement to drive engagement and stand out among your competitors.

Our Approach

The Power of Consumer Psychology

Our team of social psychologists and methodologists leverage prevailing psychological research, as well as advanced and predictive analytics, to provide the art and science of effective marketing—giving our clients a unique edge in understanding their audiences.


We’re known for relentless business decision focus, creativity, deep consultation, and rock-solid execution. Look at some of our specific knowledge in this area.

Emotion Journey

Uncover feelings that drive engagement and strengthen consumer relationships by applying our behavioral psychology and qualitative expertise. Cutting-edge AI and language models are used to go beneath the surface to identify emotions. Develop an action plan to drive positive and minimize negative emotions based in the understanding of the causes and consequences of the emotional associations.

Connected Consumer

Understand how consumers interact with your brand. Go beyond traditional advertising awareness and evaluate the holistic media landscape to recognize how consumers engage across all channels and their emotional response. Use these insights to enhance media targeting and refine target market profiles based on messaging.

Data Appends

Leverage additional  data to enhance and add direction for your organization, augmenting your understanding of the consumer at the individual level including demographics, behaviors, and attitudes that do not need to be asked in a survey. Develop additional insights as to why KPIs are changing over time without further taxing respondents. Build consumer design targets and buy media through profile variables you and your agencies already use.


Gain real-time access to insights in a compelling and visual way on a platform that contains all your historical tracking data. Explore beyond what is available in regular reporting or in between reporting periods and use extensive filtering to respond to burning questions without delay. No need for extra formatting, the dashboard is designed to match your internal templates.

Socialization & Activation

Get the insights to the people who will take action on it. By designing a custom, engaging experience, we partner with you to immerse your stakeholders in the insights. Workshops, interactive and innovative deliverables, and co-creation sessions are used to facilitate creative brainstorming to develop strategy, identify gaps, and prioritize resources.


Strengthening brand health and positioning for long-term success.

We’re invested in your success. Here’s how we’ve helped others strengthen their brand’s customer attachment, improve communications, target audiences more effectively, and feel empowered to make more informed critical decisions.


  • A leading bank to uncover unique needs and motivations for affluent and emerging affluent customers and prospects—insights which informed further development of the brand’s premium banking programs.
  • A Fortune 100 telecommunications company to improve their marketing effectiveness and brand refinement, with the goal of increasing usage of their growing Wi-Fi service.
  • Identified the rewards for a multinational financial services corporation, including key psychological benefits, to be further communicated, promoted, or improved to enhance cardmember engagement and drive consideration among prospects.
  • Developed a rigorous and stable system for LinkedIn to track brand performance and KPIs across their diverse audiences. Results continue to provide a defensible POV on why any results may shift over time in complex ecosystems.

Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

We match you with the best people for your unique business challenge. Here’s a sampling of our brand brainiacs.

Amy Modini VP, Practice Leader

Brant Cruz SVP, Platforms & Audiences

Brian Jones AVP, Insights & Strategy

Courtnie Hallendy VP, Accelerate & Account Management

Jen Golden VP, Leisure & Experiences

Julia Walker Account Director

Lori Vellucci SVP, Financial Services

Mark Doherty VP, Retail & eCommerce

CMB nailed the rejuvenation of this tracker from strategic thinking to deliverables. With a project of this size and scope, it’s critical to get things right the first time—and they do.


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