Lori Vellucci

SVP, Financial Services

Lori leads CMB’s Financial Services practice. Lori is an experienced market researcher with over two decades focused on strategic marketing research initiatives. Lori delivers insights and the ever-important “now what?” through a deep understanding of consumer behavior always translated through the lens of business needs and realities. Lori’s areas of expertise include translating marketing questions into actionable research solutions, providing a unique perspective on  segmentation, brand strategy, tactical and strategic marketing initiatives. Lori has been called upon by clients across many different industries including financial services, banking, and consumer goods for both strategic and tactical initiatives to build brand and drive business results.  

Lori earned a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Connecticut, is Synectics® trained in creative brainstorming facilitation, and is a recurring guest lecturer at Stonehill College and Johnson & Wales University.

In addition to driving the sales of CMB’s products and services, Lori is an integral part of transforming how business feels through the partnership and collaboration across the ITA Group enterprise. The community of companies is comprised of CMB, Hartmann Studios, NKD, HTK, ITA Group, and International Travel Associates.

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