Market Strategy

Market Strategy

Identify and target the right segments, create opportunities, and build brands that compete and thrive.

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Understanding your customers is the foundation of your market strategy.

Companies who merely react to the marketplace fall short of delivering value to their consumers.


We’re known for relentless business decision focus, creativity, deep consultation, and rock-solid execution. Learn more about some of our solutions.


Choosing the best Segmentation scheme is both art and science. There is no one “right” answer–the best solution is most often a balance of statistical validity and real-world usability. The benefit of our process is that we take nothing for granted. We use as many analytical methods as necessary and work with you to determine key profile variables, evaluate solutions, and select the best one together.

Our approach ensures you wind up with something your organization will embrace and use. Our proven approach to segmentation is based on decades of experience partnering with the biggest and most successful companies around the globe.

Habit Loops

Habits drive a broad range of behaviors and can be crucial for understanding when, how, and why people choose (or ignore) your brand. Our analysis segments habits relevant to your brand and profiles each habit’s components, including its motives, cues, behavioral routines, and psychological rewards. Habit Loops uncovers opportunities to trigger habits that support your brand, disrupt habits that don’t, and entrench your brand as part of consumers’ deeply ingrained routines.

Audience Measurement

We help advertisers, agencies, as well as platform and content owners define, understand and reach consumer (e.g. kids and teens, gamers, etc.) and business audiences (IT pros, marketers, etc.).

Channel Measurement

Amid evolving markets and emerging channels, we help our clients measure and manage their channel strategies to identify opportunities along the path to purchase and maximize conversion with current and future products.


We’re invested in your success.

Our strategic mindset is based on decades of experience partnering with some of the world’s more impactful segmentations—for both B2B and B2C initiatives. Our solution is only successful if your organization will believe, accept, and use it. To do that, we help you identify the right tradeoffs based on the business decisions you need to make, whether tactical or strategic.


  • Globally segmented a major content platform and production company's members to give UX designers a strategic understanding of members’ consumption and interaction—a critical roadmap to creating compelling and personalized experiences that resonate.
  • Provided a major consumer banking company with strategic segmentation, marrying a proprietary Habit Loops technique with database profiling. Identified highest opportunity segments for behavioral change and provided a marketing blueprint on what kind of communication should be used, based on what motivates different cardholder segments.
  • Segmented a major financial service company's cardmembers based on behaviors and overlaid preferences and attitudes to create richer, multi-faceted segments. The results enabled our client to send the right messages to the right small business owners through the right channels.

Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

We match you with the best people for your unique business challenge. Here’s a sampling of our world-class strategists.

Amy Modini VP, Practice Leader

Brant Cruz SVP, Platforms & Audiences

Chris Neal VP, Technology & Telecom

Jay L. Weiner, Ph.D Chief Methodologist & VP, Analytics & Data Management

Lori Vellucci SVP, Financial Services

Mark Doherty VP, Retail & eCommerce

Marty Murk VP, Platforms & Technology

Deeply impressed with the team. They provided great insight and coaching as this was our first experience with this type of segmentation study. They were extremely flexible and creative in tackling a challenging research design question in a way that made their project proposal stand head and shoulders above other providers.

Magda Guillen Swanson

Research Project Strategist, Vanguard Charitable

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