Chris Neal

VP, Technology & Telecom

Chris leads CMB’s Tech & Telecom practice.

Chris has over twenty years of telecom and high-tech industry expertise as a market researcher, industry analyst, and consultant. He has managed large, complex projects from many clients including Apple, Cisco, Dell, Comcast, Sprint, Avaya, EMC, RSA, VMware, HP, and Oracle. Chris’ functional expertise includes market segmentation, new product development, brand positioning, social media effectiveness, and customer loyalty optimization. His industry content knowledge spans diverse topics such as mobile services/applications/devices, IT security, unified communications, storage, servers, enterprise applications, databases, managed IT and networking services, desktop/laptops, and digital lifestyle services and products, including online content distribution and home networking.

Fluent in Spanish, he was previously Director of the Latin America group at Pyramid Research, a telecom and networking consultancy.

Chris holds a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Occidental College, and an M.A. in International Economics and Latin American Studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS.

In addition to driving the sales of CMB’s products and services, Chris is an integral part of transforming how business feels through the partnership and collaboration across the ITA Group enterprise. The community of companies is comprised of CMB, Hartmann Studios, NKD, HTK, ITA Group, and International Travel Associates.

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