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The stakes have never been higher in this industry. The needs of today’s travelers continue to change, and their expectations continue to evolve. Companies that will thrive are those that can develop and implement strategies to prioritize long-term investments that leverage existing assets (e.g., brands and customers), tap into the power of new digital and mobile technologies, refine messages and products to align with the unique needs of key customer segments, and be able to pivot and adapt to meet unexpected demands—such as the need for safety during a pandemic.


Inventing a guided tour product for the travelers of the future.

Helping Tauck Culturious create a practical and innovative approach to new product development.

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The Client

Tauck Worldwide, an industry leader with over 85 years in premium guided tours, wanted to push the envelope and create a new travel concept and brand identity that meet the needs of a new generation of customers increasingly comfortable with researching, planning, and traveling on their own.

The Solution

To help Tauck stand out from the crowd, out team used a multi-method, multi-source approach to identify top opportunities, collaborate across functions within the organization, research and assess the competitive landscape, test alternatives, secure buy-in from key stakeholders, and ensure business case justification.

The Outcome

Tauck launched the Culturious brand as a totally new product line on-time and with unanimous board approval. The award-winning brand, which currently consists of 8 packages and destinations, meets customer needs by offering small-group tours geared toward active baby boomers with an interest in active, culturally engaging travel.

No one can accuse our insights of being plain.

We’re invested in the present and future of your success. Whether you’re looking to improve the customer experience, develop a new brand or service, identify high potential customer segments, or map the purchase journey, our team will harness decision-focused research, industry expertise, and advanced analytics to uncover the insights you need to compete and grow. Here’s some of the leading brands we’ve created memorable experiences for:

  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Avis Budget
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Tauck Culturious
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Atlantic City Alliance


Knowing your business is our business.

We’re committed to staying up to date on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities so everything goes swimmingly. Look at some of the specific areas where we’re frequent fliers.

Services to add to your itinerary:


We develop the best solutions by balancing statistical validity and real-world usability. The benefit of our process is that we take nothing for granted. We use as many analytical methods as necessary and will work with you to determine key profile variables, evaluate solutions, and select the best one together.

CMB uses a variety of analysis techniques to produce multiple potential segmentation schemes and test a variety of potential basis variables. In addition to k-means, Hierarchical, and Ensemble Clustering, we commonly leverage the following analytic techniques:

  • Factor Analysis to reduce the number of attributes for segmenting.
  • Latent Class Modeling to segment through robust models that include valuable diagnostic statistics.
  • Detailed Profile Sheets to flesh out rich quantitative segment personas.
  • Predictive Modeling (TreeNet) to understand key drivers: technology, habits, content, and more, and to develop classification algorithms (e.g., typing tools).
  • Habit Loops to reveal consumers’ relevant psychological drivers: we’ll segment occasions based on social psychology and consumer behavior and loyalty. This approach delivers insights into ways to trigger use–or reduce barriers and make the routine easier.

Message Testing

Ensure messaging is appealing, emotionally resonant, increase positive perceptions of the brand, and drive consumers to action. Our approach to message testing ranges from exploratory qualitative research to individual component and full concept testing.

AI & Natural Language Processing

We combine neural networks and AI technology with human intelligence (HI) to analyze large amounts of data at scale, including open-ended responses. This integrated approach leverages AI to overcome biases and expectations inherent to human interpretation in order to identify new and unanticipated themes, while HI enables fine-tuning of themes based on knowledge of what will be most useful to stakeholders.

Next-Generation Brand Tracking

Successful brand tracking isn’t just a scorecard. Our holistic and forward-looking brand tracking programs empower brands to make smarter and more confident decisions. We’ll work with you to identify which decisions are critical and the information that you need to refine the most compelling positioning, optimize brand and market communication, then track influence on behavior over time.

Loyalty/Reward Program Development, Optimization & Evaluation

COVID-19 has shifted consumer loyalty program priorities. Our loyalty program development approaches help you break through the clutter, understand which behaviors are likely to continue, identify which customers are the most loyal, and determine whether you’re offering the right rewards to the right members.

Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

We match you with the best people for your unique business challenge. Here’s a sampling of our people who would go around the world and back for you.

John Conti VP, Travel

We needed a partner that could identify and flesh out high potential growth opportunities for the Boomer market. Our team from CMB were a great match: they were collaborative and the approach was comprehensive and forward-looking. The insights from this project were invaluable as we created Culturious from concept to award-winning brand.

Jeremy Palmer

Vice President; General Manager TWD Land, Events & New Ventures, Tauck

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