Marty Murk

VP, Platforms & Technology

Marty has spent over 15 years in a variety of consumer insights roles. He has gathered a mix of both supplier and brand side research, building his expertise in analysis, project management and consulting. He has extensive experience managing international research, including eBay’s global Net Promoters Score (NPS) tracking study that spans 15 countries and over 50,000 completed interviews per month.  On the brand side, he spent many years with Reebok, building experience defining business problems, scoping and shaping research solutions, and turning insights into action. At Reebok he managed Reebok’s 15 country, global NPS program. Marty holds a Master’s of Market Research degree from the University of Georgia.

In addition to driving the sales of CMB’s products and services, Marty is an integral part of transforming how business feels through the partnership and collaboration across the ITA Group enterprise. The community of companies is comprised of CMB, Hartmann Studios, NKD, HTK, ITA Group, and International Travel Associates.

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