Advancing a Financial Services Firm’s Enterprise Strategy

A consultative extension of the client’s internal research team, from brand tracking to product development.



  • Third party and internal client data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Iterative Qualitative methods
  • Proprietary research panels

Our Partnership

Providing strategic solutions to answer key business questions

With hundreds of projects conducted over more than a decade, CMB’s role become a consultative partner to the market research and insights team at a leading financial services client. CMB has provided vital support for our client, touching nearly every aspect of the company across different verticals and business units (including healthcare, automotive, home, and more), initiatives and projects. As a trusted advisor, CMB provides specific research guidance and recommendations that help our client accomplish their business goals, backed by our historical knowledge and close working relationship. Over the years, we have come to deeply understand our client’s business, and are able to leverage this knowledge to better support the company’s holistic, confident decision-making.

Partnering with CMB for over a decade, this leading financial services firm has supported various business decisions and opportunities, such as:

  • Product and service development (e.g., how to optimize sign-up of their retail financing product)
  • Emerging opportunities for targeting (e.g., profiling a growing aging population, or Gen Z)
  • Customer satisfaction and brand tracking (e.g., to understand perception and attitudes driving engagement)

Our Specialties

Blurring the line between client and vendor

The close, long-tenured relationship that CMB has built over the years with our client has fostered a creative, innovative, and positive impact in our client’s business. Leveraging research methodologies, and resources available, CMB synthesizes the data needed into one cohesive and holistic story—which is done more efficiently and effectively due to the long-standing relationship.

Specialty methodologies and approaches have included:

  • Integrating third party and internal client data
  • Artificial intelligence analysis tools to assess emotion
  • Advanced analytics to predict behavior
  • Iterative qualitative methodologies
  • Proprietary research panels for quick turn insights

I can count on the CMB team to deliver great work. They know my business like their back of their hand, are 100% reliable, and make my life much easier. So worth the investment.


Our People

Working with us means you’re matched with the best.

We match you with the best people for your unique business challenge. Here’s a sampling of our talented Financial Services team who makes our clients their top investment.

Courtnie Hallendy VP, Accelerate

Julia Walker Account Director

Lori Vellucci SVP, Financial Services