Ignited 2023 | CMB Lights the Night

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Adrianne Economu
Sr. Office Manager & Accounting Associate

The light and warmth that The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society generates, delivers hope in a time of despair, connection in place of loneliness, and life-saving research and support for cancer patients and families. That’s why since 2008, CMB has proudly supported Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Annual Light the Night (LTN) Walk, and has raised over $165,000 since. LTN has been an integral part of the CMB community, with several various fundraising activities we look forward to year over year.

This year, we successfully executed our usual slate of events into a hybrid setting:

  • BBQ: Our in-house award-winning pit master Jared once again volunteered to make our BBQ dreams come true. CMBers choose between pulled pork and/or brisket. It’s safe to say we made a lot of CMBers—and their families—happy and full.
  • Auction: Another fan favorite: our annual live auction, with items donated by our coworkers. In total, 74 items were donated by our teammates– just a few examples are artwork, jewelry, an axe throwing experience, homemade babka, crochet bag, craft beer advent box, custom painting of our #CMBPets, virtual yoga classes, restaurant and food gift certificates, and more.
  • Words with Friends Tournament: 20 CMBers signed up to this bracket style event to see who will take the crown!
  • Friendship Bracelets: The nostalgic trend might be a hallmark for 2023, thanks in part to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and CMB joined in the fun. Blair made custom friendship bracelets that the team loved showing off at our annual ITA Summit, around the office, and team meetings.
  • Fantasy Football: Another year of CMBers battling it out for Fantasy Football bragging rights! 24 teams are participating this year and participation signup included a donation to LTN.
  • Our Clients: Not only is CMB trying to make an impact on our community, but our community is making an impact on our efforts. Client feedback is the catalyst for CMB to deliver excellent service and develop innovative products. As an incentive to participate in our client satisfaction survey, CMB donates $25 for each client’s completion to Light the Night. This year, $1,800 was donated as part of this feedback program.
  • And More: Other events and activities throughout the year have also helped us raise funds.

Never underestimate the power of community.

Through this year’s LTN fundraising efforts, we ignited our community and expanded the ways our workforce can engage with and participate in our culture more inclusively. We are still in the midst of our fundraising and have already exceeded our $10,000 goal by raising $13,180 so far! Please join our support of LTN and help us reach our goal here.

*CMBers who contributed to this year’s success included

Adrianne Economu
Sr. Office Manager & Accounting Associate