NPS Tracker with Consumer Psychology


Customer Satisfaction

Consumer Psychology

AI Innovation

The Challenge

This Fortune 500 financial services company needed to refresh and update its top-down NPS study, a business-critical tool used to identify opportunities to improve, enable action, and track progress.

The Solution

CMB collaborated with our client to reimagine the program, leveraging advanced analytics to uncover perceptions and experiences vital to improving NPS. CMB’s proprietary consumer psychology-based framework uncovered the functional, emotional, and social identity benefits to reveal how customer perceptions and experiences combined to deliver both the core customer-centric benefits, and NPS.

The Result

Our program tracked NPS for three distinct business lines, illuminated our client’s relative position in the marketplace, and identified and prioritized opportunities to improve loyalty and engagement.

We delivered an easy-to-use simulator showing executives how improving results on individual drivers will impact NPS, allowing them to set goals and create plans to achieve the necessary lifts.