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Top 5 FAQs about CMB Accelerate

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Courtnie Hallendy
VP, Accelerate & Account Management

With insights teams facing pressures due to resource restraints, shrinking budgets, potential economic uncertainty, and accelerated deadlines, it’s no wonder that an organization’s need to make rapid-fire, yet fully informed, decisions has grown exponentially. Full-service firms, like CMB, have needed to adapt to remain customer-centric and support our clients’ needs to make quicker decisions with more focused insights, address gaps in the marketplace, and facilitate faster growth and innovation. CMB Accelerate delivers quality, flexible, and versatile insights in half the time of a typical project.

Read our five most frequently asked questions about CMB Accelerate:

What is Accelerate?

CMB Accelerate leverages platforms and tools to deliver actionable insights with both high caliber quality project execution and consultation on quicker timelines. The team works across industries, accounts, and clients to help answer a wide range of pressing business questions.

CMB is investing and growing through technology and innovation to support our clients’ needs to make quicker decisions with more focused insights. Accelerated insights are not suitable for every client challenge or business question – but we know there is a great opportunity to provide rapid answers to our clients’ most pressing questions.

What do I get with Accelerate? What are the benefits?

  • A dedicated team of experienced market researchers who will work with you to develop the right survey for your unique business needs. No templates – fully custom.
  • For most requests, we start on your project immediately to deliver results in format you need (data, executive report, topline, etc.) in as little as 3 weeks.
  • The full-service research experience (consultation, expertise, customization) Access to CMB’s world class advanced analytics, if needed

What types of studies are well-suited for Accelerate?

CMB is a full-service custom market research firm, and our Accelerate program is no different, so the possibilities are endless. Accelerate is flexible enough to stand alone (ad hoc), be part of an ongoing program (like product development), the foundation for a larger project, or used for repeatable surveys without the limitations of typical DIY platforms. Clients have used Accelerate for:

  • Concept screening & testing
  • Attitude & usage
  • Product & service development and positioning
  • Website & app evaluation and enhancements
  • Benefits & message testing
  • Communications effectiveness
  • And more

Can I setup a retainer?

Absolutely! In fact, the benefits you’ll get as a retainer client will enable you to maximize your research budget—stretching your dollars even further—guarantee your access to our dedicated team of researchers and increase our planning and efficiency so we can start your project(s) almost immediately. Alternatively, we offer a pilot approach designed to allow our clients to try out CMB Accelerate.

Does this include qualitative projects, or just quantitative?

Currently, we are only offering quantitative research through CMB Accelerate. However, CMB does have a full-service qualitive team that can help you achieve your qualitative research needs. If you have a qualitative need, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re excited to help accelerate you and your business’s growth. If you would like to learn more about our agile approach, contact us here.