Brand Health Audit & Action Program

Strengthen Your Brand Health and Positioning for Long-term Success

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Richard Scionti
VP, Product Development & Innovation

Trackers have been a core component of brand research for decades. They provide important KPIs that help brands evaluate how they perform with consumers and the impact of their campaigns and other market actions. In a nutshell, trackers help explain past performance to the business. Amid the present climate, a 3-year pandemic from which we are still emerging, the Great Reshuffling that has consumers rethinking their priorities, and ever-changing consumer journeys, CMB believes trackers need to look forward and work harder to not only explain the past, but to guide your business’s next bets, actions, and re-actions to a rapidly transforming market.

CMB’s Brand Health Audit & Action program fuses behavioral psychology with best-in-class analytics to construct a program that is purpose-fit to your objectives. The dedicated team works with you and your key stakeholders to craft a bespoke Audit & Action program. If you’re not starting from scratch, CMB will preserve the value of the KPIs in your current program while introducing new modules that identify forward-looking actions to achieve your strategic goals.

Drive your business forward with advanced analytics

CMB’s advanced analytics approach allows you identify drivers and model outcomes to determine where your next marketing dollar should be spent. Having a better understanding of your customer’s emotion journey is critical to your business. Leveraging behavioral psychology helps uncover that and provide you with a comprehensive emotion action plan. It also helps identify opportunities to re-engage customers who currently have negative emotions towards your brand, and tackle or prevent neutral emotions from hinder your acquisition efforts.

Identify how your customers interact with your brand

Understanding how consumers are interacting with your brand via our Connected Consumer module can uncover many ways for you to be proactive with your brand strategy. This has been an area of particular focus as consumer interactions rapidly changed and evolved in response to accelerated digitization triggered by the pandemic. Evaluating the multi-channel experience to better measure the effectiveness of target market messaging and in-channel performance will help you to confidently target media through mapping consumers’ brand-engagement touchpoints and the impact they are having on marketplace perceptions​.

Mobilize insights and ignite action within your organization

You’ve leveraged both advanced analytics and identified how customers interact with your brand, and now it’s time to mobilize these insights and ignite action within your organization. With role-based dashboards, you can deliver the right insights to the right person in a context that better enables them to make informed decisions that drive the desired outcome. Additionally, you can take your insights further by designing custom, multi-media immersive experiences for your stakeholders that may include visuals, video, audio commentary, music, etc.​ These experiences are designed to bring your results to life and help your decision-makers internalize the insights and inform their decision-making.

Trackers will continue to be a core component of marketing strategies in tandem with market research. How you leverage your trackers will determine if your organization lags or propels forward. Don’t look back, move forward and strengthen your brand health and position for long-term success with CMB’s Brand Health Audit & Action program. Let’s continue the conversation, contact us today.