Female Millennials Have 34% Less Saved Than Their Male Counterparts

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Female Millennials have saved an average of $66,700 for retirement, fully 34% less than the $101,500 their male counterparts have saved, according to the PNC Investments Millennials & Investing Survey. Additionally, female Millennials are much more risk-averse and are skeptical of alternative investments, including cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer lending.

Fourteen percent of Millennial men say they embrace risk—twice the number of female Millennials.

“One of the foundational aspects of any financial plan is to determine your overall risk tolerance, and, for members of the younger generation, risk can be healthy,” says Rich Ramassini, senior vice president and director of strategy and sales performance for PNC Investments. “People’s appetite for risk is often not on par with how much risk they can actually handle. Increasing your financial knowledge can help you determine whether you are taking on the right amount of risk.”

On average, female Millennials say their parents started educating them about saving when they were 11.6 years old. For male Millennials, this is 12.7 years old. Male Millennials are more likely to rely on themselves and the knowledge they attain through media and Internet sources.

Forty-six percent of female Millennials contribute 6% or more to retirement, compared with 57% of male Millennials. Twenty-nine percent of female Millennials have between $1,000 and $9,999 in investable assets, compared with 17% of men. Forty-six percent of male Millennials have $50,000 or more in investable assets, compared with 32% of female Millennials.

Eighty-three percent of male Millennials and 78% of female Millennials have a full-time job. However, only 43% of the males and 32% of the females feel they are in control of their financial well-being, and a mere 26% of the women but 40% of the men think they are saving enough for their future.

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