ITA Group, Hartmann Studios, CMB, and NKD Earn a Coveted ESOP Association 2022 AACE Award

Originally published by the ESOP Association

ITA Group wins an Annual Award for Communications Excellence from the ESOP Association.

ITA Group is honored to receive an Annual Award for Communications Excellence (AACE) from the ESOP Association at November’s Employee-Owned conference in Las Vegas. The AACE awards celebrate outstanding effort in communicating the value of employee-owned companies to team members, communities and beyond.

Our winning submission was in the Series of Events category. The submission highlighted our engaging team member experiences and clear communications that helped build connections and ensure team members felt comfortable returning to a collaborative employee-ownership setting after working fully virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This award exemplifies our strong ESOP culture that helps create a great place to work and positively impacts employee-owners, especially in challenging times. We consider employee ownership a differentiator for our company, and we’re honored to be a winner at this year’s AACE awards.” —Mike Kromminga, ITA Group ESOP Communications Committee Chair

About ITA Group

ITA Group delivers custom-crafted global engagement solutions that motivate and inspire event attendees, employees, channel partners and customers. With operations globally and throughout the U.S., ITA Group designs unique business strategies and experiences that create connections, motivate audiences and drive purposeful change for some of the world’s biggest brands.