Tara Lasker

VP, Insights & Strategy Operations

As our VP, Insights & Strategy Operations with over 20 years of market research expertise, Tara Lasker combines her advanced quantitative background, analytical experience, and ability to build strong partnerships with clients to meet organizational objectives in a market research environment.

Tara joined the Chadwick Martin Bailey team in October 1999, and since then has conducted projects ranging from determining brand consideration/perception implications and sales impact due to product optimization. She also specializes in building stronger communication messaging to improve the competitive position in the marketplace and strategic initiatives for clients. Tara has used these techniques with such industry leaders as Celebrity Cruises, REI, American Express, eBay, Jack Daniel’s, Mercedes-Benz, Swarovski, Match.com, Converse, and LendingTree.
Her work has been recognized by the American Marketing Association (Stanley Bostitch). She received a David Ogilvy Award from the Advertising Research Foundation for her work with LendingTree.

Tara earned her BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Ohio State University.

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