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The Power of Social Currency:
Business Transformation Through Greater Customer-Centricity

This summer, CMB partnered with Vivaldi Group for a 5 industry, 90-brand study to identify which consumer behaviors drive brand equity and Social Currency. Learn how Social Currency is helping answer the tough questions facing marketers and insights professionals today.

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Refreshing a Global Brand

Learn how CMB helps Reebok breathe new life and value into their brand/brand performance measurement

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Case Studies

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

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The Challenge: Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the world’s leading video game publishers, but EA's rapidly changing industry challenged top line growth. New platforms and devices are rapidly emerging, and there was increased competition from companies that hadn’t existed even a year before. EA understood that even the highest quality game will only be successful if people know about it, can find it, and choose it over alternative titles.

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The Challenge: Consumers recognized and enjoyed Aflac’s popular spokes-duck, but few knew what The Duck wanted them to do, or even much about The Duck’s product category–supplemental insurance. Discover how CMB used the power of discrete choice to help Aflac reposition their brand, educate the market about their products, and present a compelling and differentiating value proposition.

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The Challenge: By 2014, nearly a third of shoppers were trading-in or selling their old mobile phones in-store, when making an upgrade, and another third were holding on to their old phones. Both groups faced barriers to selling their phones online. Armed with this data, eBay saw the opportunity to develop an enhanced online mobile phone trade-in/selling program, but needed more information on the specifics of how to proceed.

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Busting Millennial Banking Myths


Mobile Wallets – Today and Tomorrow


The Tablet Path to Purchase: The Mobile, Social, and Online Journey



Swipe Right for Insights

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Passive Mobile Behavioral Data – Part Deux

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Can Facial Recognition Revolutionize Qualitative?

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News & Events

Chadwick Martin Bailey Honored as a 2016 AMA Gold Top 50 Company

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Inc.: How Startups Can Make It Easier for LGBT Workers to Save Money

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Chadwick Martin Bailey and Vivaldi Partners Group to Host Live Webinar on Social Currency: The New Brand Building Model

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Chadwick Martin Bailey Names Ed Loessi Director of Product Development and Innovation

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eMarketer: Younger US Internet Users More Plugged in to Digital, Mobile Banking

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Emotional Impact Analysis Webinar

Put away the brain scans and learn how we use emotion to inform a range of business challenges, including marketing, customer experience, customer loyalty, and product development. Join CMB's Dr. Erica Carranza and Brant Cruz to learn about the decision-focused emotional measurement approach we call EMPACT℠: Emotional Impact Analysis.