The Big Organization Segmentation Challenge: Making Segmentation Successful at a Large Organization with Diverse Needs

Building and socializing a global segmentation amid a rapidly-changing marketplace is challenging. CMB’s Chris Neal, VP Tech + Telecom, & Dell’s Tina Gregory, Senior Market Research Manager, share their lessons learned and best practices to making segmentations successful at large organizations with diverse needs. Viewers will gain insight translating research for decision makers, managing competing departmental priorities, and more.

*Presented at CRC Oct 2020


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  • Tina Gregory—Tina is a marketing professional with 30 years of experience focused on customer insights, market research strategy and product marketing. She currently manages Dell Technology’s Server and Infrastructure Systems market research. Throughout her career, Tina has independently and collectively lead teams of researchers to harness almost every type of research methodology available (e.g., conjoint, discrete choice and segmentation) to drive strategic planning and enable decision making for the organization.
  • Chris Neal—Chris has over twenty years of tech and telecom industry expertise as a market researcher, industry analyst, and consultant. He has managed large, complex projects from many clients including Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Comcast, Cox, Charter, and Intel. Chris’ functional expertise includes market segmentation, new product development, brand positioning, and customer loyalty optimization. Read more about Chris here, and connect with him on LinkedIn.