2019 Quirk’s Event Brooklyn: Behavior, Identity, and Agile

It’s about a 3 min. read.

If you’ve just returned from The Quirk’s Event Brooklyn, summarizing the most inspiring content can help prove the ROI for attending. If you missed the show altogether, we’ve also got you covered. Here are three key questions and insights to share with your team:

  • How will we incorporate behavioral analytics into our work this year and beyond? Chatting with Netquest at their booth or listening to Jay Steffey speak about Amazon customer behavior would’ve told you passive metering has come a long way in the last two years. Suppliers have begun consolidating (e.g., Netquest bought Wakoopa) to increase their offerings and give clients a clearer picture of what their consumers are doing. For example, DISQO (formerly Active Measure) has an unprecedented panel of about 150,000 desktops that provide real insight into consumers’ digital behaviors. From event-focused metrics (e.g., product search, view, ad exposure, etc.) to sub-events (e.g., add to cart), DISQO taps into consumer behavior at scale. Whether you’re in FMCG or the financial services industry, combining survey data (what someone reports they did) and behavioral data (what they actually did) provides a new and exquisite area for interpretation—a more holistic view of what your customers are doing and why.
  • Are we evolving beyond traditional starting points in studying consumer identity? Understanding consumer identity is critical to unlocking key insights and Millennials and Gen Z are helping us evolve beyond traditional modes of thinking about identity. Julie Arbit of VICE Media and Ally Aleman of Insights Strategy Group shared insights from a deep dive into Gen Z—a generation living in a world of constant choice thanks to technology. This inundation of choice impacts their identity, passions, careers, and relationships. As society moves towards acceptance of gender identity as non-binary and Gen Z’s values and beliefs diverge from traditional concepts (e.g., family, “9 to 5” job), how will your brand fare in 2019 and beyond?
  • How will we be (and stay) agile at our companies? Agile was another hot topic at The Quirk’s Event. While companies have their own interpretations and implementations of agile, fundamentally this approach can help brands keep pace with changing consumer behaviors. Companies like Verizon and DellEMC—who are in highly disruptive and everchanging industries—can get smart and iterative insights at quick speed. DellEMC’s Stephanie Woodstrom, Dynata’s Zahara Malik, and Verizon all shared how implementing agile gets them fast reads on promotional offerings, products, and more. It’s important to note, though, that agile methods don’t mean sacrificing data integrity for speed. It’s about being smarter and doing things in an iterative way, so it becomes turnkey and efficient.