Engage 2023 | CMB’s Race Around the World

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CMB was honored to once again, sponsor and participate in Marketing Research Education Foundation’s (MREF) third annual Race Around the World. Giving back to the community is integral to CMB’s culture, and this year’s Race Around the World was no different. To bolster fundraising efforts, CMB hosted a variety of events:

  • Race to Wellness: There was healthy competition amongst Team CMB, with impressive wins. The CMBer who logged the most miles was Chris Neal, who landed 43rd overall, of 631 participants, with a total of 245 miles. Go Chris!
  • Quad Goals: It was encouraging to see teammates’ miles go up-and-up, but to engage with those who don’t regularly bike to the office or train for marathons, CMB organized a few group walks around downtown Boston to increase mileage, enjoy the sights, and connect with one another.
  • Game Night: CMBers also joined us for a virtual game night via a Jackbox Party Pack. Participants each donated an entry fee to play, which was included in our total MREF donation.
  • Fueled by Food: Our Social Committee hosted a potluck event at CMB’s rooftop. The potluck featured many cultural and health-conscious dishes, such as a Middle eastern bean salad, Arepas and Tzatziki and pita. It’s safe to say we made a lot of CMBers—and their families—happy and full.

Never underestimate the power of community! Together, we can make an impact. I am proud to announce that we raised a total of $1,165 and ended in 7th place with a total of 3,252.7 miles. With the addition of CMB’s Champion-level sponsorship of $2,500, that equates CMB’s total impact to $3,665!

Other members who contributed to this year’s success included: Blair Bailey, Colleen DaSilva Ryan, Lauren Sears, and Michelle Reape.

About Race Around the World 2023

Throughout the month of May, professionals across the market research industry banded (biked, ran, walked) together to raise funds for organizations that work to keep vulnerable children from falling through the cracks: Marty’s Orchid House, Start Lighthouse, Orphans’ Aid Society, and Hogar Montiel Girls Association.