How to Deliver Insights with Next Gen Storytelling at Speed

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Lauren McLean
Sr. Insights Consultant

Are you in a sprint for impactful insights? Sometimes, teams will sacrifice storytelling in order to get data fast. This is a critical error, though, because the next generation of storytelling—an engaging and dynamic approach—helps unlock key insights that propel your business forward quickly. Storytelling is key to activating insights.

The Need for Speed: Unleashing Next-Gen Storytelling

In today’s lightning-paced business world, waiting for a few weeks for the final report is simply not always an option. With CMB Accelerate, our dedicated team of seasoned market researchers collaborates with you to craft a tailored story, ensuring your unique business needs are met—no templates, fully custom. So, you don’t have to sacrifice time, quality, or storytelling. We strive to deliver the story you need precisely when you need it, becoming an invaluable asset to your time sensitive business decisions.

How to Deliver the Story at Speed

It’s about being concise, hitting the main point first, and supporting it with research that complements and supplements the main idea. This could mean presenting key metrics upfront and then highlighting significant differences, the full data, or other objectives in the appendix. Be relentlessly decision-focused and don’t stray away from the story.

Some storytelling tips include leveraging colors to visually organize the data and focus the reader’s attention, as well as prioritizing top-ranking attributes to pinpoint standout performers and follow the rankings. Example:

Interactive Dashboards and Tools for Personalized Exploration

Bring data to life with interactive dashboards or tables—toggle filters on and off, witness changes in the story in real-time, and tailor the narrative to your needs. This isn’t just visualization; it’s an immersive experience that simplifies complexity and engages your audience. This real-time connectivity proves especially valuable for efficient fieldwork, allowing you to pivot in response to emerging trends.

Live Action Stories: Real-Time Metrics, Real-Time Insights

Sometimes monitoring and reacting to the data in-field is a live-action thriller. With the right technology and dynamic updates on key metrics, your narrative evolves in real-time. CMB understands the importance of staying ahead by providing real-time updates, ensuring your story is always in sync with the fast-changing business landscape. Keeping track of live data also enables you to stay informed about current events or market shifts that could impact responses. Consider the key metrics for live tracking to provide guidance and form hypotheses while you’re in the field. In this context, color-coded conditional formatting helps highlight significant distinctions among various brands for tracking, allowing for quicker decision-making and a more informed and efficient reporting.

Speedy Recap

  • Identify the main objectives to answer, then follow up with supporting research.
  • Utilize interactive dashboards—whether in the field or for ongoing trackers.
  • Embrace the live-action aspect to help your story develop in real-time.

In the realm of rapid decision-making, next gen storytelling is your trusted ally. Embrace the speed, leverage the power of real-time insights, and propel your business into the future. Contact us today to experience the thrill of impactful storytelling at the speed of business.