Tap Into the Power of the Gaming Community

About a 3 min read.

Michael Raymer
Data Analyst

Digital mediums like Discord, Twitch, and Reddit all provide instant access to those with a shared interest in gaming as a whole or down to niche audiences of specific games. When thinking of recent popular titles, such as Rocket League, Minecraft, Fall Guys, Fortnite, or Grand Theft Auto – one component acts as a unifier of their success: effective community building.

The level of interactivity these titles foster provides developers with a more engaged audience who, in turn, find longer-lasting enjoyment and more to pull from their gaming experiences. Games with established and cohesive communities and sub-communities are set up for future success as new players enter to find an already solidified knowledge base around the game, as well as connections to develop with other players right out of the gate. In conjunction with providing new players a point of connection, establishing meaningful communities means that developers can count on players to stick around and enjoy the content for longer.

Developers who can successfully tap into their communities will be the ones with the most prolonged success. Developers should ask themselves foundational questions to find success in garnering an engaged community of players, and at CMB, we are prepared to give developers the tools they need to secure such communities.

  1. What is it that drives audiences to your game? Ensuring that there is something for the competitive or casual crowd or, more broadly, having experiences that can appeal to multiple groups of people will help build toward a more robust experience and prolong a game’s lifespan. CMB’s segmentation solutions provides a variety of approaches to understanding and classifying the different gaming cohorts drawn to your games and what each of these communities may be interested in moving forward.
  2. How can I enact a meaningful experience for players to return to? A healthy offering of downloadable content can keep the collectors talking in anticipation of what skin or emote is set to be released around the corner. Regular updates to playlists or maps can introduce evolving adventures to players, where one day’s experience doesn’t necessitate that tomorrow’s is the same. CMB routinely helps clients bring new products to market with our expertise in product and line optimization including explorations into how much a player might be willing to pay for those newly added features.
  3. How can I use the community’s feedback to improve my product? No matter how great the game is, you will always have players expressing concerns about whether the new weapon introduced is unbalanced or cheers for the new game mode that was introduced and is livening up the gameplay. CMB’s emotionAI offering can use open-end responses to map players to a compass of valence and emotion based on those responses. Beyond the dimensions of a sentiment analysis providing a spectrum from negative to positive, emotionAI digs deeper revealing whether your players are actively or passively experiencing their emotions.

Ultimately, getting to the heart of what cultivates the communities around your games will be what cements those games’ long-term viability, and CMB is ready to provide the actionable insights needed to get to that point. Ready to get started? Let’s work together.