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Forbes, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Forbes: Consumer Psychology Is The Only Constant In A Changing Retail Market

Online shopping has provided consumers more agency in the current context, but there are still psychological challenges to overcome.

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ITA Group, Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) and Hartmann Studios Receive Great Place to Work Certifications for 2020

CMB is recognized as a leader in workplace culture

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NRF: The Status of Subscription Boxes

Despite offering convenience and simplicity, where do they fit as consumers rethink priorities?

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The Week: Coronavirus: Five Long-term Changes to our Lives

Coronavirus may be here for a year, but its impact could last a lifetime

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CMB Recognized as a 2019 U.S. Market Leader by GreenBook

GreenBook has recognized CMB as a Top Market Leader in 2019 for the seventh consecutive year.

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HR Dive: LinkedIn: Workers who change jobs in house stay longer

A Gallup State of the Global Workplace report found that employers invest $18 million in employee engagement, while only 15% of workers worldwide reported being engaged. However, employers can use key "psychological benefits" — as defined by Chadwick Martin Bailey — to build better work experiences.

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CMB Welcomes Jessica Azoulay as Vice President of Program Management

CMB is excited to welcome Jessica Azoulay to the organization. As Vice President of Program Management, Jessica marries over two decades of project management with data-driven product and process expertise to ensure operational excellence.

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CMB autonomous cars

New Research: Consumer Anxiety over Autonomous Vehicle Safety is Greatest Deterrent to Adoption

A new study, from market research and consulting firm Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) finds overcoming consumer anxiety is key to greater acceptance of autonomous vehicles (AVs)

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Incentive Magazine: New Study Explores Psychology of Employee Engagement

ITA Group and CMB find compensation and benefits fall short of driving worker loyalty.

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Diversity and financial wellness: Prudential study explores financial lives of Americans by race, gender, sexual identity, caregiver status

-Bright spots and areas of optimism exist within traditionally underserved groups in the face of income inequality, retirement insecurity and household debt, new data from Prudential Financial, Inc. ( NYSE: PRU ) reveals. The in-depth exploration of data from Prudential’s Financial Wellness Census™ highlights the dramatic differences in the experiences of diverse populations within the U.S., many of whom were disproportionately impacted by the 2008 financial crisis.

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