Wealth of a Generation: Inside the Minds of Young Investors

After ignoring young investors for too long, many financial service brands are playing catch up when it comes to serving investors under 40. CMB’s VP of Financial Services Lori Vellucci draws on recent research with tens of thousands of consumers to uncover what financial brands need to understand about this diverse and important demographic. From engaging them on the four pillars that drive consumer behavior—functional, emotional, social and identity—to building the technology that is upending the wealth management industry. Viewers will gain insight into measuring how well they fulfill these motivations to inform strategies anchored in what truly inspires the young investor.


*Presented at TMRE Oct 2020


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  • Lori Vellucci—Lori brings more than two decades of experience conducting research within the financial services industry. She translates business challenges into action, providing the voice of the consumer for both strategic and tactical initiatives to build brand and drive business results. Lori delivers insights, and the ever-important “now what?” through a deep understanding of consumer behavior, that’s always translated through the lens of business needs and realities. Leading firms including Synchrony, and American Express call upon Lori for both strategic and tactical initiatives to build their brands and drive business results. Read more about Lori here, and connect with her on LinkedIn.