What We Do

Advanced & Predictive Analytics

You have questions…

  • Can I trust my data?
  • How do I identify the next growth drivers?
  • What are the right answers for my business?
  • Is insight being delivered to the right people at the right time?
  • How do I embed data analytics in my organization?

Whether you need to understand and describe what’s happening now or you’re trying to predict the future, data can tell the story. CMB’s Advanced and Predictive Analytics harness the power of multiple data sources to get the most value and insight out of your data and gain a competitive advantage.

We are measurement experts, our dedicated analytics team has decades of experience integrating data sources and applying the right techniques and tools for complex strategic engagements. We work with data we collect, third-party data, your own or a combination of both—using the latest analytical techniques to greatly reduce limitations and biases of research design and data requirements.

We enlist a wide array of trade-off techniques including conjoint, MaxDiff, Anchored MaxDiff, Dual Choice Discrete Choice, Build Your Own, and Adaptive CBC, etc.

Brand Health & Positioning

  • Understand your brand’s position in the marketplace with forward looking brand equity measurement.
  • Identify the optimal relationship between pricing, promotion, and assortment
  • Effectively allocate spend across your brand portfolio

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Customer Journey & Loyalty

  • Optimize distribution and communication strategies
  • Isolate and prioritize opportunities within the shopper journey
  • Mine passive mobile data for a holistic and accurate, insights into real-time consumer behavior

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Growth & Innovation

  • Predict changes in preference, share or profitability for different product configurations or market scenarios with easy-to-use simulators
  • Optimize portfolio and product lines
  • Optimize price
  • Develop early market potential estimates
  • Prioritize the categories and geographies that will spur the most growth

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Market Strategy

  • Provide a means to use solutions in future research and/or classifying existing databases with database scoring tools
  • Determine which offers maximize share, revenue or profit
  • Predict Customer Lifetime Value and retention

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