What We Do

Agile Co-Creation

Co-Create to build the future with your consumers.

In today’s rapidly changing world, customers are in the driver seat. With technological advances like social media, 24/7 news, online reviews, and the resulting rapid word-of-mouth, people are more connected and empowered than ever before.

To stay ahead, truly consumer-centric brands understand a two-way conversation is critical. Instead of guessing what consumers want, successful brands will listen intently, and authentically work with them to develop services that people will buy.

What is Co-Creation

Co-creation at CMB brings together an organization’s stakeholders with their most valuable resources, their customers, to build new ideas, products, and services. But it’s more than just brainstorming on a whiteboard. Our distinctive approach is based on Agile principles and uses our deep expertise in consumer psychology, qualitative research, and strategic consulting.

Leveraging rational and emotional aspects of consumer decision-making, to help clients and their customers ideate and advance ideas, concepts, and themes to build the future.

How does it work?

In an exciting full or half day workshop, you’ll get out of the office and into a creative space where you’ll have the freedom to ask questions, brainstorm, and collaborate with customers in a facilitated workshop.

We begin by upskilling and orienting participants to the topic. In small group and individual exercises, we jointly explore the relevant topic, ideate solutions, iterate and begin to build out the future together.

Our experienced Qualitative team leads breakthrough co-creation sessions for large CPG brands, insurance clients, academic institutions, hospitality execs and more.  We’ve explored food, beverages, loyalty, apparel, insurance deductibles, education and more with Gen Z, Millennials, moms, sneaker heads, professors, underwriters, patients, and probably your customer.