The Case for Optimism | Navigating The Next Normal

How can we re-emerge from COVID-19 stronger than ever? Join CMB’s Judy Melanson, and Marketing & Media Strategist Armin Molavi, for a thought-provoking conversation* on the power of optimism to drive growth and build a more promising future. Uncover:

  • Why going “back to basics” will help channel your energy to (re)build your brand
  • How to use data to get “unstuck” from pre-pandemic thinking
  • Where to focus on increasing value, from creative marketing and advertising plans to partnerships

*Recorded on Thursday, May 28, 2020


  • Read three ways organizations can create a brighter future, with COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter examples
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  • Judy Melanson, Retired VP & Practice Leader has over two decades of experience working closely with leading companies in travel, media, entertainment, and hospitality sector. Clients call upon her to drive their highest visibility research projects because of her proven strategic experience, business-focused insight, action-oriented recommendations. Connect with Judy on LinkedIn.
  • Armin Molavi, Marketing & Media Strategist, is a truly unique hybrid of brand, strategy, digital, and media. His passion for driving change and innovation through effective communication derives from 18+ years of diverse and cross-industry experiences, and analytics acumen. Most recently, he was the Global Head of Media for Hilton and all 17 of their brands. Learn more about Armin here.