Navigating the Next Normal

Lori Vellucci
SVP, Financial Services

Wondering how COVID-19 is accelerating change? Join CMB’s Lori Vellucci, and Mack Turner, Global Insights & Innovation Leader, for a thought provoking conversation about where we are and where we’re headed, including:

  • The seismic shifts in consumer sentiment and behavior, as a result of COVID-19
  • How will our relationships with money, work, education, brands and each other change as we move forward?
  • How should brands address their offerings and services, and differentiate themselves in a new marketplace


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  • Lori Vellucci, VP Financial Services, has over two decades of experience working closely with leading firms in the investment, advertising, and retail sectors. She delivers insights, and the ever-important “now what?” through a deep understanding of consumer behavior, translated into business needs and realities. Read more about Lori here, and/or connect with her on LinkedIn.
  • Mack Turner, Global Insights & Innovation Leader, has over three decades of marketing research, analytics, and customer satisfaction management experience. He has led research for global marketing, consumer banking, investment banking, and advertising strategy. Learn more about Mack here.