Ellevest Case Study

Ellevest: Understanding women's attitudes on money, investing, and the financial services industry



An alternative to traditional Wall Street firms, Ellevest was founded to provide women with a welcoming, innovative and cost-effective investment service. The company conducted a study to gain a comprehensive understanding of women’s attitudes on money, investing, and the financial services industry.


Ellevest partnered with CMB to survey 2,000 American women and men about topics ranging from career and finances (including gender wage and investment gaps) to the 2016 US Presidential Election.  The sample included augments of LBTQ-identifying women and women of color to ensure a robust view.


The research served multiple purposes, serving as the foundation of Ellevest’s 2018 Money Census report and PR campaign—underscoring Ellevest’s position as an authority on women and investing, as well as providing important information for product and marketing decisions.