Who We Help


We work with national and regional insurers and healthcare providers to build strong brands in a changing healthcare landscape.


A lot has changed in the American healthcare and health insurance industries these last few years – and we anticipate more change in the coming years. With shifting landscapes and evolving consumer expectations and needs, our dedicated healthcare practice helps top insurers, like Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield, adapt and grow to continue to meet the current and future needs of their clients. We’re experienced in tackling challenges related to:

  • Evolving Consumer Choices – Now more than ever consumers have a number of healthcare options to choose from. Our advanced techniques help you test and create loyalty positioning, develop new products and services, track customer experience, and build and position brands that can grow and compete in the healthcare space.
  • Private and Public Exchanges – Now consumers can purchase insurance directly through public, third-party and private exchanges. With new avenues to purchase coverage, carriers need to be nimble. We’ve conducted product development research for public government-sponsored exchanges and private exchanges, specific to bundling related products.

Hospitals and Providers

Hospitals and providers are also facing challenges. From new delivery models to hospital consolidations, we help clients like MedStar Health and UPMC address these changes:

  • New Care Delivery Models – Traditional delivery methods have been upended by technology and new entrants. With urgent care centers and telemedicine becoming an alternative way for consumers to access care, there are opportunities and challenges that come with these innovations. To make sure these innovations are successful, we regularly gauge consumer perceptions around alternative delivery models.
  • Integrated Systems and Hospital Consolidations – To provide more value to consumers, hospitals have consolidated to create integrated health systems. Like any big change, challenges are inevitable and so we’ve helped health systems define, position, and track their brand within increasingly competitive markets.

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