Technology and Telecom

Our technology and telecom practice, led by Chris Neal, has a long history of working with leading business to business and consumer focused companies like AMD, Cisco, Comcast, EMC, Dell, Avaya, Hewlett Packard, Cognos, Skype, and British Telecom.

The technology practice works closely with our technology clients to develop new products, more effectively target and sell, and measure the impact of customer/prospect experiences on the brand and revenue generating behaviors.  Watch our recent webinar on How Dell Used Choice Based Modelling to Optimize a Product Portfolio.

Enterprise IT Panel

CMB has managed its own B2B IT Decision-Maker research panel since the mid-90′s with 13,000 US based members.  Our Enterprise IT panel provides clients with access to high quality respondents and makes it more efficient for us to conduct qualitative and quantitative research among engaged, experienced IT professionals.

The panel has proven particularly useful when you need to focus on earlier adopters of new technologies for the enterprise.


Having people like Chadwick Martin Bailey who listen, who spend the time, and who are more than just methodological purveyors understand your business is key.


Lightspeed Aviation’s Zulu ‘Headset of the Year’

Guided by CMB research, Lightspeed Aviation’s Zulu headset was named ‘Headset of the Year.’  Read the announcement…