Insights Illuminated 2023

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Lauren McLean
Sr. Insights Consultant - Accelerate

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Insights Association North Atlantic Chapter’s Insights Illuminated Conference in Boston with a few CMB colleagues. The conference was a great opportunity to network with other industry professionals and learn about the latest trends in market research.

Here are a few takeaways to think about:

Elevated insights are in

An overarching theme throughout the conference was the profound impact of advanced technology. From the inception of ideas to the final deliverable, cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the way we operate. In this regard, our very own Richard Scionti presented compelling case studies that showcased the transformative potential of themeAI and emotionAI in analyzing unstructured data to uncover patterns and trends. These remarkable tools hold the capacity to reshape the industry by:

  • Reducing Cost: Automating tasks allows for greater efficiency.
  • Enhancing Speed: The ability to process large amounts of data automatically drives efficiency, significantly accelerating the pace of analysis and decision-making.
  • Heightening Accuracy: themeAI and emotionAI help identify patterns and trends that would have been difficult to see using traditional methods.

Gen Z CAN be an easy-to-reach group

Reaching out to younger age groups can sometimes present challenges in research. Lengthy surveys and traditional in-person focus groups may get you an eyeroll. Steph Strickland from JUV Consulting highlighted that Gen Z is an incredibly diverse, digital-savvy, and an influential generation, which necessitates a shift in how we approach and engage with them. Here are some ways to effectively connecting and establishing a community with Gen Z:

  • Visual Appeal: Gen Z has grown up with memes. Use relevant images and videos to capture their attention and make your research more engaging.
  • Authenticity: Gen Z possesses a keen ability to detect insincerity. It’s important to be genuine and true to yourself when interacting with them.
  • Embrace Inclusivity: Being the most diverse generation to date, Gen Z values inclusivity. Ensure that your research content and campaigns are inclusive and representative of all people.
  • Foster Creativity and Fun: With an attention span of less than 8 seconds, Gen Z thrives on creative and dynamic experiences. Incorporate innovative survey questions and methodologies that engage and capture their imagination.
  • Embrace social media: Engage with Gen Z on their preferred platforms and communicate in a manner that aligns with their digital habits.

Neurodivergence is Powerful

CMB’s Farah Samawi and Mass General Brigham’s, Amy Santopietro, hosted the DEI Matters podcast live to discuss neurodivergence in the workplace. When encountering the concept of neurodivergence for the first time, it’s natural to feel uneasy or unsure about using the appropriate language. However, it’s essential to remember that everyone learns at their own pace, and it’s okay to make mistakes. The key is to approach the subject with an open mind, ready to learn, and respectful of others. When implementing accommodations, it’s important to avoid singling out individuals who are neurodivergent, ensuring that the adjustments do not make them feel different from their colleagues. Consider the following:

  • Research and Explore: Read books, articles, and websites to gain insights into neurodivergence on your own time, to avoid putting too much of the work on neurodivergent individuals to educate others.
  • Engage in Conversation: Learn by talking to individuals who identify as neurodivergent by asking them about their experiences, their preferred work environment and practices that work for them.
  • Exercise Patience: Understanding neurodivergence takes time and is ever evolving. Embrace continuous learning and personal growth.

This conference helped to provide a broad perspective as it relates to the importance of leveraging insights and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Let’s continue the conversation. Contact us.

Lauren McLean
Sr. Insights Consultant - Accelerate