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Digital Media & Entertainment

The entertainment and digital media landscape continues to change rapidly. Entertainment is no longer planned—it is constantly consumed in stolen moments across all types of devices and locations. As the intersection between traditional media, gaming, and social media continues to grow, the way consumers experience entertainment is becoming more immersive and more interactive. It’s no longer enough for consumers to witness an event through a photo; instead, consumers are opting to experience the event through live-streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope, which is increasingly becoming the norm.

CMB is a great partner – egoless, flexible and makes the extra effort to understand the business, brand and people they are working with.

Our Digital Media & Entertainment team partners with leading brands including Facebook, Netflix, Nickelodeon, and Electronic Arts to produce strategic decision-focused research that addresses their biggest challenges and identifies their greatest opportunities. Our team has experience working with audiences ranging from kids to Millennials to adults to Baby Boomers on new product and service development, improving customer experience, building and measuring brands, and segmentation.

We also recognize the overwhelming amount of ways that the gaming industry is innovating and disrupting how we define and access entertainment. From cloud gaming service providers looking to accelerate 5G, to executives seeking to dominate the emerging AR/VR category, our team of gaming experts can tackle your most strategic and complex challenges.