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Technology & Telecom

As digital ecosystems grow increasingly complex—from the tectonic shift towards increasingly mobile computing to the rise of cloud computing—companies are placing big bets on opportunities with huge growth potential, and incumbents are constantly facing new disruptive threats. Our dedicated Tech & Telecom practice combines marketing science rigor with cutting-edge analytics and a deep understanding of the most important technology trends to help industry leaders on initiatives including portfolio optimization, new product development, market segmentation for growth strategies, and purchase journey analysis for market strategy work.

We have extensive subject matter expertise, customizing the latest research techniques and predictive analytics for unique and evolving challenges related to:


Gaming is at the forefront of growth and innovation, reshaping technology, transforming culture, building global communities, and even transcending reality. With innovation comes disruption, leaving brands scrambling to find and get ahead of opportunities in this growing market. Our team of gaming experts combine a deep understanding of the industry with powerful consumer insights to tackle your most strategic and complex challenges.

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We understand the smartphone, tablet, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) industries directly, including how different types of consumers and corporate buyers decide which devices, mobile OS, and apps to use as well as the relationship among these various devices and how they impact usage and buying patterns of laptops and desktops. We also understand how the rise of mobile is impacting many other industries: retail, payments and financial services, media, gaming and many others. We continue to push the Insights industry forward with incorporating mobile technologies and methods into the work that we do.

The Cloud

The cloud is impacting B2B IT buying patterns and management challenges in a way not seen since the rise of client-server computing and the World Wide Web. We have been guiding application, infrastructure, device, and communication services companies through this disruption from the very beginning. Our deep understanding of large enterprise, SMB buying dynamics, and evolving usage needs of different employee types combined with our advanced analytical capabilities allows us to tackle some of the most challenging engagements in this area.

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Security threats, both internal and external, have become persistent business risks that threaten the enterprise and the consumer. Our team has an intimate understanding of consumer, IT, and employee needs and attitudes towards the constantly evolving nature of security threats and new solutions designed to cope with these threats.

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